Cleansing Lotion for Face


The gentle Antioxidant Enriched Make Up Remover


Buy Cleansing Lotion for Face Online and India and refresh your skin with ultra light cleaning lotion & make up remover. It also removes the dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and healthy. This soothing, milky emulation that purifies the skin and is gentle enough to remove immediately water proof and long wearing dark eye make up and lipstick.

Infused with essential oils, precious nutrients, immersing it in moisture and energy. It rejuvenates your skin by cleansing the pores and effectively dissolving dirt, grime, oil and make up. A deep cleansing lotion is naturally glowing and radiant skin that feels fresh.

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BETTY’s Magic Ingredients: Tagetes Erecta 10% & Vitis Vinifera 5%
Other Ingredients: Amygdalus communis 5%, Aloe barbadensis miller 30%, Cera alba 20%, Cocos nucifera 10%, Cucumis sativus 5%, Manihot esculenta crantz 10%.

How to Use

Shake to activate the lotion and mattifying ouls, Dab cotton pas with cleansing lotion and apply generously in area you want to remove makeup. Quickly and gently remove makeup, even long-wear and waterproof formulas.


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