Ayurveda, the term comes from Ayu and Veda which refers to” life” and “science or knowledge”.

Ayurveda is the science of life. For history, it is an alternative medicine system coming from the roots of India (कर्म-भूमि)

It was practiced and applied in India until the same turned “is”.

Well, yes!

Baba Ramdev re-introduced Ayurveda and Yoga amongst Indians. A lot of us have welcomed Ayurveda back into our lives, yet again

Ayurvedic diet food aims to balance different energies in the human body.

How are energies balanced?

Energy are also know as

Let us talk about body type a bit;

Our core is to work in organic ways to make others' lives happy and purposeful. Sounds like a dream world, right?

”Maybe, because we make you “Fall in love with taking care of yourself”

Betty Skin Care is a world of natural skincare and haircare products. We offers an authentic range of organic products and services which will simply make you feel better. “It is never too late to care for your skin and hair”. Our intrinsic approach calls on to pamper yourself naturally. 

The Universe works in a rhythm, so does the human body. Ayurveda practices work as per the idea of the Universe. Sounds magical right?

Like the world is built of five elements called space, water, earth, fire, and air. When I say body type, it also refers to प्रकृति.

Our body type consists of 3 doshas – Vata, Pitta, Kapha. A human body has all the three doshas, while the two doshas predominate our body, hence creating our body’s प्रकृति.

Meanwhile, “Doshas” help us be aware of the kind of foods to avoid and eat. Because the right food encourages the right mindset and mindset is the key to a balanced journey of life.

These doshas offer insight into an individual’s mental, emotional, and physiological health.

● Vata consists of air and space
● Pitta consists of fire and water
● Kapha consists of earth and water

With the same, individualized diets are designed..

How does Betty Nangia come into the picture?


While practicing the science of beauty, she realized how food plays a crucial role in our skin as well. She combined her modern nutrition knowledge with Ayurvedic values.

Analyze your body’s Prakriti

Create a dietary pattern – when what, and how to eat

Build 6 plans as per 6 seasons of the year

One time consultation for next 6 months – Rs 2100/- only

Each plan costs you Rs 1500/- for 2 months

Daily doubts clearance and follow-ups

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