How to prevent acne in winter

Acne becomes one of the major problems for individuals in all seasons. People with the tendency of acne prone skin gets the same skin conditions in all climatic condition. Normally people with oily skin tone suffer from acne as the oil secretion is wider on them. People experience drier skin in winter due to number of reasons, including cold and windy weather. Dry skin cells clog pores which lead to breakout of acnes and people prone to acne experience more frequent eruption.

1. Water as acne preventer

Acne and breakout can also take place due to pollutants and oxidants present within your skin layer. In order to flush out the unwanted oxidants, you must drink many glasses of water in a day. If you don’t have a habit of drinking water, prepare yourself and drink at least 3 liters of water in a day. People have a misconception that they must drink water to get hydrated which is only during summer. But, it is a wrong fact. Even during winter you need hydration and should drink water regularly.


2. Remove dead skin

If you have acne and breakout on a regular basis, you probably have accumulated good collection of dead skin layer after layer on your skin. It is very essential to remove such dead skin. You can use a mild scrub for your face as hard scrub may harm your pimple prone skin. You need to move your finger tips over your face in a circular direction so that the dead skin cells get removed without harming your skin.


3. Changing pillow case

Most of us are not aware that pillow case can be a shootout for acne. If you have been using the old pillow case for a long time, it is the time to change the pillow case. When you sleep, your facial skin touches the pillow. The dead skin layer and dandruff present in your face and cheek will stick over your pillow case cover. These dead cells forming over your pillow case is going to be really contagious. Now, even after you have washed your face several times to remove the dead skin and go ahead with the acne treatment, you can get it repeatedly. This is just because your pillow case is infected. It is really important to change the pillow case.


4.Green tea remedy

People have been consuming green tea for its variety of health benefits. Now, you can easily be aware of its wonderful properties in removing acne from the skin layer. Since it has anti-microbial and antioxidant properties, you can easily wash away the acne that is affected by the microorganisms over the skin layer. You need to make a cup of green tea and let it cool down. Now wash your face with this green tea. If you do this treatment for twice in a day you can see the exclusive treatment of acne over the face. Make a habit of washing face with this and see the benefit.

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