Betty’s Face Mask: Are They Good For My Skin?

What is better than amazing makeup? An excellent base for it in terms of your own skin. Of lately, face masks have become increasingly popular.  Why? because they allow targeted skincare and deep action. However, not all the available masks may be the best solution for your skin. And thus, we recommend you to take up a short quiz to help us understand the specific needs of your skin to provide you with the best possible solution..

Due to excessive pollution, stress, tiredness, and temperature changes, our complexion can sometimes become dull. It is the sign that it is time to buy Betty’s Skin Care Face Mask which helps in restoring brightness and glow to the skin! Not only this, our face masks have been scientifically curated so as to seep deep into your skin to provide long term benefits as well.

The benefits of Betty’s Skincare Face Mask

Our face masks make use of an all-natural ingredient range by which we have been successful in coming up with personalized skincare solutions to cater to your own specific skin needs. There has been a proven impact on the skin’s quality and appearance which has resulted in the success of our face masks.

Our masks have proven to erase the worn or tired appearance of the skin while deflating the bags under the eyes, reducing dark circles, and restoring a bright complexion to dull skin within a few minutes.

Our masks help in revitalizing the tired dull skin after a sleepless night or a tiring day. Why should you wait for a Sunday to pamper your skin when our face masks can be used regularly as well!

The masks create an occlusion that promotes penetration: the skin is immersed in a bath of active ingredients!

As far as our sleeping masks are concerned, these can be left on the face overnight. However, our masks have been proven to provide immediate benefits to the skin as well.

What are the benefits of face masks? And which is the most suitable mask for my skin?

Mask for oily skinMask for dry skin?

You need to know your skin type, and it needs to choose the right facial treatment.

Dry, fragile, or mature skin will have to focus on a cream-based mask to replenish the water level of the skin which is reserved by the epidermis while pulling back the skin and adding a Botox-like firm skin to make it more elastic and reduce wrinkles.

For mixed and oily skin, however, it is preferable to opt for a purifying mask that eliminates impurities, thin the grain of the dead skin and dull the skin.

For stressed skin, adopt for our signature the gel masks, which refreshes the under-eye area, relieves it of puffines,s and reduces dark circles.

Those with a dull complexion can apply an illuminating mask to eliminate tiredness, improve the complexion, and give the best base to put on makeup.

Face mask: instructions for use

Clean and gently exfoliate the skin before applying the mask. Then, to amplify the effects of the mask, steam your face so as to open up the pores. After a few minutes, apply the mask generously, avoiding the eye area.

The idea is to let it act on your skin –for about ten minutes -. Remove the excess with paper towels

Finish by rinsing with warm water. You will experience that your skin is beautiful and youthful. The complexion regains its splendor; the skin is hydrated and revitalized!

And what skin do you have? Take the 1-minute skin test! ->

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