Jojoba and Tea Tree Moisturizer

Country of Origin: India

Overnight Replenishing Light Active & Firming Moist


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When you have oily skin, it can feel like your moisturizer options are limited. Some tea tree moisturizers are too thick, leaving you feeling greasy and slick. Others help with oiliness, but leave your skin feeling tight and dry. How do you find the best moisturizer—not too harsh and not too soft, but just right?

We created Tea Tree Moisturizer to be just that—a moisturizer that helps control oil production without drying out your skin. The tea tree extract in Tea Tree Moisturizer has been shown to reduce the amount of oil produced by your face by up to 45 percent! So you can say goodbye to shiny skin and hello to a soft, smooth complexion!

  • A lightweight moisturizer that’s perfect for oily and problem skin.
  • Soothes, hydrates and calms redness and irritation caused by breakouts.
  • This moisturizer is suitable for all skin types, but it is especially helpful for those with oily and problematic skin.

Jojoba & Tea Tree is a hydrating, non-greasy moist that penetrates 7 layers deep into skin and delays the process of ageing to keep skin soft, supple and young. Enriched with vitamin E and essential oils it helps in collagen production which treats wrinkles and sun damage to give radiant glowing skin.

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Who Should Use:

Best for Normal to combination to oily to excessive oily, sensitive and hyper sensitive skin. Tan-prone skin, blemishes and pigmentation, pimple, wartz, black head, premature lines, dark circle, rashes, aged skin, open pores, deep scars, discoloration, patches and neck lines.

This Moisturizer is Ideal for aging, tan prone, premature lines, oily, sagging and sensitive skin. The cream gets easily absorbed into skin while improving collagen production.

Directions of use:

Take a dollop of Moisturizer and apply on clean and toned face. Massage in circular upward movements till the cream penetrates into skin pores.

Magic Ingredients:

Jojoba and Tea Tree, Beewax, Lemon, Hapusha, Geranium


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