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Oats and Roses 1

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we need to remove dead cells daily to allow new cells work for skin radiance


Oats-1 is a soothing scrub that brings the great benefits of oats for your skin. Oats help in getting rid of the dead cells leaving your skin radiant, smooth and supple. It helps in skin lightening, protects the skin against harmful UV rays and gives you a young glowing skin. This exfoliating scrub has natural ingredients like oats, cucumber, split bean and sandalwood which makes the skin look fresh and radiant. The scrub improves the skin tone as it has skin lightening effects. It helps in reducing dead cells and pore size. It protects the skin against skin problems like eczema, rosacea and rashes. It is a great protection against the skin damaging sun rays.

BETTY’s range of ayurvedic products are 100 percent pure, natural, wholesome and free from any Alcohol, Sulfates or Parabens. This everyday soft scrub is very gentle on skin and removes dead skin and impurities from the face leaving it fresh and hydrated.

  • Who Should Use: Best for Normal, dry, combination, excessive dry, hyper-hyper sensitive skin, tan-prone skin. Open pores, blemishes and pigmentation. Patchy skin, discolored skin, premature fine lines, rash prone skin. Wartz, deep scars, dark circle, neck line.
  • Directions: Take a dollop of the facial scrub, mix it with fruit pulp, water or lukewarm milk to make a smooth paste. Gently massage the exfoliating paste on your face and neck in circular motion for 5 minutes. Rinse off with cold water, pat dry.
  • BETTY’s Magic ingredients: Oats (Avena Byzantian C Koch and Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus)
  • Other ingredients: Sandalwood (Santalum Album), Split Black Gram (vigna Mungo)”

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Skin Type

Dry, Normal, Excessive Dry, Hyper Hyper Sensitive Skin, Hyper Sensitive Skin, Sensitive Skin, Tan Prone Skin, Patchy Skin, Dis-colouration, Blemishes & Pigmentation, Premature Fine Lines, Aged Skin, Rash Prone Skin / Redend Skin, Deep Scars, Detanning Ability, Dark Circle, Neck Line


50 gm, 75 gm


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