Cucumber Face Wash For Acne & Pimple

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Anti-Pimple Cleansing Face Wash



The soap-free carrot and Cucumber face wash are good for acne / pimple-prone skin. It fades acne, pimples, scars & removes excess oil. The cooling effect of cucumber has a cool effect on acne inflamed and sunburned skin.

The face needs continuous nourishment and protection. With the do-it-yourself Carrot and Cucumber Face Wash, you can deeply nourish the skin and restore its tone. Also, by adding some precious ingredients such as honey and yogurt, the effect will be enhanced.

These face washes are organic, and delicate natural formula respects the pH of the skin and cleans it gently, promoting the dilated pores’ closure and carrying out a progressive dermo-purifying action. While correctly removing blusher, foundation, and impurities, it rehydrates, softens, and makes the skin of the face velvety. Our Carrot & Cucumber Face Wash enriched with distilled witch hazel water, astringent, and cucumber extract, refreshing.

Additional information

Key Ingredients

Carrot, Cucumber


120gm, 60gm

Direction of use

Smooth on a generous layer of this antioxidant enriching non-soapy face wash by making a paste with water or recommended juice to brighten up the face and neck. Let this detoxifying cleanser work for 3-5 minutes. Rinse off right away if any irritation noticed.

Best Use for

Best Use for oily, normal, combination, excessively oily, sensitive, oily skin, tan prone skin, acne, and pimples. White-heads and blackheads, open pores, patchy skin, discoloration, blemishes and pigmentation, premature fine lines, aged skin, rash-prone skin, warts, deep scars, de-tanning ability, dark circles, neckline.


Daucus Carota 20% and Cucumis Sativus 14%, Ocimum Sanctum 2%, Brassica Campestris 6%, Lens Culnaris 12%, Split Cicer Arietinum 12%, Aloe Barbadensis 6%, Mentha Longifolia 20%, Chamaemelum Nobile 1%, Foeniculum Vulgare 7%.

1 review for Cucumber Face Wash For Acne & Pimple

  1. Monika garg

    I am using this product from last 15 days…i have had lots of pimples on my face…. but this product has started to improve my pimples…i am happy with this product.. amazing… genuine… natural!!❣️

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