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Your energy is the key!

Yoga was derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj’‘ which refers to “union”. It consists of physical, mental, and spiritual discipline practices to control and still a human mind. The purpose is to get in touch with our higher consciousness.

Prana is a Sanskrit word which implies, “breath of life”, “vital force”, “energy”, or “vigor”, “the spirit”, or “soul”. It is a universal energy that is in and around the body.

Vidya is again a Sanskrit word, meaning- “science”, “knowledge”, or “learning”. Typically, refers to uncontradictory, apt, and authentic knowledge. It is regarded as an intuitive knowledge of the self, for the self, and to the self.

When we breathe in and out, a certain amount of energy is inhaled and exhaled, simultaneously. Everything is Energy. Your thoughts begin it, your emotions amplify it and your actions give energy-momentum. FTS is an integrated spiritually scientific system consisting of breathing, meditation, healing, and yoga. It aids with holistic wellness solutions by working on the four human aspects- mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. FTS aims to empower people by teaching the principles of every healing, breathing, and meditation technique.

Note – FTS is a complementary, no-drug, no-touch healing module.

How is the concept of energy experienced in our daily lives?

You can understand the system of healings through learning simplified terms like energy body, aura, and chakras.


As per Sanatan Dharma, there are 7 chakras in the human body. Chakras are the focal of the energy points that must be aligned, as they are correspondingly connected with various organs of the physical body. Location of Chakras – Chakras are located in the energy body. Now, you are thinking what an energy body is?

Well, let’s get into a brief about it.

One of the lesser-known facts is that the human body works with the association of four bodies, that is the physical body, mental body, emotional body, and spiritual body. A lot of us are unaware of the spiritual body which is also known as the energy body where energy and chakra lies. It is with the cleaning and working on this energy body that we can get rid of all the old garbage of past and present incarnations that lie inside us.

Since all the bodies are associated with each other, with the purification of the energy body, each body gets aligned. Thus, creating a beautiful aura of an individual.

The Universe doesn’t speak English. It speaks Frequency.

Betty Skincare YPV Energy Healing

Chakrams in FTS

At FTS, we are introduced to 11 major and mini chakrams, wherein, the energies of the chakrams are balanced with certain essential FTS techniques. Every chakram has a particular purpose and is connected with different parts of the physical body and mind. The energies of the chakrams are balanced to avoid increased and decreased energies inside the chakrams. Chakrams are small points inside the body managing energies.

Whenever we are in a sad, unhappy, joyful, any specific state of mind, the chakrams tend to be affected by the same. These are highly essential parts of our energy body as they also have an effect on our astrological and numerological planets. The cleaner our chakrams are, the more inclined our planets are at the right place.

For instance, if you meet a negative person, your particular chakram will be affected by the same. At the same time, being in a happy environment affects your chakrams in a positive manner.

So, now you know how to protect your energies!

Our Way Of Working:

You can get in touch with us on a one on one talk it out session, where you can feel free to share about your physical ailments, mental health issues, emotional turmoils, other challenges you are experiencing in life, how do you want to come out of it and what is your goal in life. To get a better idea, you can also join ‘Forgiveness Sessions’ that are free and are conducted every day.

Point to be Noted – Everything you discuss with us is kept confidential.

Our Offerings:

  • At Betty’s, you can get prana healings done, where your chakrams are improved by releasing or adding positive healing energies and vibrations.

  • The energy healings are completely a no-touch, no drug, complementary healing module. You can receive it just by sitting at your place, irrespective of the village, city, or country you are in, and progress with a smile on your face.

  • Since we believe in helping and serving fellow humans, you can also get free 10-day service healings done by us.

  • We help you believe in ‘You’. By that we mean you can heal yourself by learning the basic FTS Level 1,2,3 courses by Betty Nangia, a Senior Proficiency Certified FTS Energy Healer and Trainer.

    Still, wondering how to purify your spiritual body? Read More Below:


Energy Healing raises your vibration.

FTS Pranic Healing can help you to master and purify your chakrams and energy orbits in a balanced manner. Feed the Soul healing techniques are administered to master the energy of the body.

It is an MBA (Master’s of Body Administration) to restore yourself and enlighten your destiny. We train humans to graduate as an MBA through different energy healing courses to heal themselves as well as others. It is a magical way to spread happy and natural lives.

Betty Nangia

FTS – Feed the Soul – integrated holistic complementary healing module

LEVEL 1 – Total 15 to 16 hours workshop, with healing practices.
LEVEL 2 -ADVANCED COURSE – ( advanced healing techniques ) total 18 to 20 hours workshop with lots of healing practices.
LEVEL 3 – PSYCHOTHERAPY- An ADVANCED WORKSHOP ON EMOTIONAL BODY – anger, irritability, frustration, hyper behavioral patterns, addictions, relationship healings, and a lot more – total time 10 to 12  hours.

Early morning batch – 6-7:30 am (for working people)
Post lunch batch – 3-5:30pm
Energy exchange Rs 15000/- ( For India) For all 3 levels

You will get 3 Certificates from our FTS organization

3 books
All study materials in your pen drives & Google drive links

Heal all types of diseases
Prana reaches, where no medicine can reach
Remove Fears – Abolish Depression
Ease from body pain.
Migraines Arthritis Osteoporosis
Say bye-bye to pent up emotions

Level 2 teaches you the complete treatment of physical ailment to be complemented with medical treatment

Deeper Sleep – More Energy
Eliminate stress – Unblock Creativity
Sort emotional upheaval
Disease-free body
Increase money flows
Relationships Issues
Exams issues & much more.
Handling tough situations
Handling tough people
Handling teenagers
Transmutation of Energies to increase intelligence, increased memory, and much more

Scanning energy body and aura
Heal self & others
Heal anger, irritability, strained relations
As your Aura changes, it’s uplifted with each session, you attract abundance, prosperity & happy cheerful life.
Understanding of Law of Karma

Write your destiny
Deepen your knowledge
Live the life you desire
Opportunities will come knocking at your door
Transform your life and the lives of your loved ones

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Betty Nangia
Senior Proficiency Certified FTS Energy Healer & Trainer

Don’t worry! Join Betty Nangia’s ‘21 Days Positive Affirmation’, where you can personally interact with her and feel the difference!

Why FTS With Betty?

Betty Nangia offers personal attention to the clients and students. By offering a talk-it-out session whenever you are confused or troubled, she values every human’s emotions.
The class sessions are highly detailed and in simplified language accompanied by real-life examples.
Free nurturing and review sessions after the courses for revision and better clarity.

Escape the chaos with Betty’s Corporate Peace Meditations

Unbox School Meditations

A lot of us were not aware of meditation as a child. So, why not instill the habit of meditation in your kids right from the start? Guided school meditations will raise the IQ levels of your kids, improve their physical, mental and energy bodies and aim towards a better future.

Who doesn’t want a bright future for their kids? Want your kids to perform better and handle critical situations efficiently? It’s time that you book guided school meditations with Betty Nangia. It’s time to bring transformation amongst the youth.

Help your students rise higher with flying colors! A step towards meditation can change their lives.

Let’s commit ourselves to inner peace, self-love, growth, and gratitude with FTS Energy Healings!

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After all, “We are all energy from the same source”!

FTS courses do not just end here. FTS Levels 1, 2, and 3 are the basic core foundation courses of FTS energy healing taught by Mrs. Betty Nangia (Senior FTS Proficiency Certified Energy Healer and Trainer).

Your spiritual journey begins right after the basic courses that are L4 (Psychic Self Protection (PSP)), L5 (Crystal Healing), L6 (Healer Development Program 1), and L7 (Healer Development Program 2).

The above senior level FTS courses are undertaken under the teaching of Mrs. Betty Nangia’s Guru – Mrs. Lakshmi Dhevi (Senior Arhat Trainer)

FTS is purely an MBA ( Master’s of Body Administration) to empower your mind, body, soul, life, and all your incarnations. You will be delighted to know that you can be a special MBA graduate for the betterment of Mother Earth and humanity.

With the right power in hand, “Acknowledge your Past and Empower your Future with FTS”.