Have you been tired of hearing the word “Aura Spray” on the internet lately? And, wondering what it exactly means?

Well, in that case, spray some aura spray on your worries, as we will guide you through, what is an Aura, the layers of Aura, and how Aura spray comes into the picture.
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Most of us while thinking of our bodies, our perspective is limited only to the surface of our skin. However, there is so much to a human than his/her physical being. It is called the aura. An aura is connected to the energy field. Just like a rainbow appears in the sky, similarly, humans have a symbolic rainbow-like aura surrounding the human body.

An aura signifies so much about who we are, how we are, and what we are. Aura is a personal energy space that is beyond the physical body. It comprises an individual’s life force and vitality. Every individual has an aura and all of us are in interaction with each other’s aura every moment. This is a basic journey irrespective of one’s consciousness at the moment.

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Layers of an Aura!

Thinking or speaking the word aura visualizes each one of us as a big transparent bubble of light surrounding an individual. It is true, however, there is so much more to it.

The aura has many layers on it. Though there are tons of layers, however, we will be focusing on the seven major layers. Beginning from the physical body up to the outer area, the aura has connections. It reflects and influences the manner you act, live, feel, and think on days. 

The seven layers of an aura are as follows:

  • Etheric Layer

  • Emotional Layer

  • Mental Layer

  • Astral Layer

  • Celestial Layer

  • Spiritual Layer

  • Etheric Template

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1. Etheric Layer

This layer is closest to the body, just a few inches away from the surface of the skin, it is in connection with the root chakra, also known as the mooldhara chakra.

2. Emotional Layer

This layer has an expansion of up to three inches to the outer area. It has a connection with the sacral chakra, also known as the Sex chakra. As the name suggests, it is in connection with human emotions.

3. Mental Layer

This layer is in connection with the Solar Plexus chakra, which is the chakra of the thought process. It is three to eight inches away from the body.

4. Astral Layer

This layer of an aura is in connection with the heart chakra and is a beautiful bridge between the physical and spiritual body.

5. Spiritual Layer

Also called the seventh layer of the aura, this is in connection with the crown chakra, implying a super-strong spiritual connection with the divine. This layer has a connection to psychic abilities.

6. Celestial Layer

This layer is in connection with the third eye chakra. It is that layer where the spiritual connection begins. Believingly, it is the layer for unconditional love.

7. Etheric Template

The layer has a connection to the throat chakra. It is regarded as the blueprint of the physical body as it has its existence on the physical plane.

Layers of an Aura!

Every individual’s aura has a color. Aura without color is like Summers without scorching heat. Well, the reason behind the same is that layers represent themselves by their respective colors. These colors are visible during an aura reading session or through photography. Every color has its energy which defines a detailed and better understanding of what an aura represents and which color is an individual’s aura. 

The aura colors are Orange, Yellow, Red, White, Golden, Blue, Green, Mineral, Violet, and more. 

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Let us take a look at what each color represents and is connected to which chakra.

  • Red: The red color is connected to the root chakra. It is connected to strengthening, vitality, passion, success, leadership, love, rage, perfectionism, and ambition.

  • Green: The green color is in itself a healer. It is connected to the heart chakra and brings in energies of healing, harmony, acceptance, patience, and service. Simply a color connecting us to Mother Nature by bringing up calm, composed, and soothing vibes.
  • Blue: The blue color is home to wisdom, intuition, loyalty, and empathy. Devotion, peace, clarity, and self-expression also represent blue.

  • Orange: The orange color is in connection with the sacral chakra, hence, bringing in energies of creativity, balance, warmth, confidence, abundance, security, fun, and stimulation.

  • Pink: Like ever known, pink is a soft and sweet color. It is a gentle color that brings in energies of love, sincerity, originality, sympathy, friendship, and romance. Pink also represents generosity and sensitivity.

  • Yellow: The yellow color is connected to the solar plexus chakra which further represents an individual’s power. It brings in energies of freedom, logic, inspiration, joy, optimism, and open-mindedness and offers creative energies similar to the orange color.

  • Violet: Violet is a powerful color as it is in connection with spirituality and leadership. Strong energies of imagination and intuition are brought in by violet.

  • Golden: Golden is divine color. It is associated with spiritual wealth. Individuals with a golden aura have a powerful divine connection with spirituality. It brings in energies of courage, illumination, and compassion.
  • White: White color is connected to the crown chakra and it is regarded as one of the most spiritual colors of an aura. It signifies integrity, wisdom, and generosity.

  • Mineral: It is a turquoise color which represents healing energies. It is a highly inclusive, serene, organized, and influential color.

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Likewise a human-mood ring, auras have shifts in energies as well. A lot of factors play a role in shifts of these energies, it can be emotions, situations, circumstances, and environment. The aura does not change completely as huge portions of the aura are concrete and not influenced easily, hence, meaning easy to change. It can change after a long period. 

Initially, the layers of the aura color change with the reflection of whatever is going on in the energy body. There are parts of it that change and others do not change at all. Well, this is the uniqueness of a spiritual being. The best part about being human is that all of us are one, yet different in our ways. This is what aura reflects. 

Now, if you are thinking of experiencing your aura or taking a look at it, then you do not need to take a photograph of it. Neither you need to have special psychic abilities to see it physically. All you need to do is be conscious and follow your intuition. You will simply feel the energy levels of your aura.

How Aura Spray Comes Into The Picture?

Aura spray is a natural, handmade, energy cleansing mist made up of pure roses, and essential oils, which sprinkled anywhere can lighten up the energies. 

Have you been experiencing a lot of stress in your house or office environment lately? In that case, all you need to do is pick up Aura spray, and sprinkle it all around your place daily to see visible changes. These changes will surely be magical. Aura spray is for de-stressing, refreshing, and rejuvenating individual aura and environment aura. The aura of an environment is the energy of the surroundings. Good are the energies, better is the environment to operate. Aura spray has the power to disintegrate all the negative entities, energies, vibrations, stress, and diseases energies from you or the environment you are in. 

If you have been overworking, tired, or low on energy, all you need to do is sprinkle off the spray and relieve yourself in the best way possible. Whether you are having a bad day, a sad day, or emotionally/mentally exhausted, you can simply get back to your best version.


Lift yourself with the beautiful and pure energies of the aura spray. 

You can use it as a perfume, cleansing spray, room fragrance, or mood uplifter, whatever works best for you! 

Aura Cleanser Spray

How To Make An Aura Spray On Your Own?

A basic recipe for an aura spray is 60 percent of distilled water, forty percent of alcohol, and a few drops of essential oil.

  • If you are preparing the spray for your body or in your room, then a 2 percent of dilution of essential oil is considered best. 
  • Green: The green color is in itself a healer. It is connected to the heart chakra and brings in energies of healing, harmony, acceptance, patience, and service. Simply a color connecting us to Mother Nature by bringing up calm, composed, and soothing vibes.
  • Implying, that twelve drops of essential can be used for a 30 ml bottle, hence increasing the drops with an increase in the size of the bottle.

Why not break your curiosity by buying one aura spray for yourself and let the magic begin?

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