Vitamin D for Acne

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble hormone that’s found in fatty fish, dairy, and fortified food products.

Vitamin D is also called “the sunshine vitamin” because you can get vitamin D from exposure to sunshine. Acne (clinically known as acne vulgaris) is a skin condition where your pores become blocked or clogged, causing red bumps or blackheads to form on your skin. Acne can be caused by changes in hormone levels, bacteria, oils, and more. If you have acne, a vitamin D deficiency may be part of what’s causing symptoms or making them worse.

Benefits of using vitamin D for acne

Vitamin D has antimicrobial properties. If the acne you have is caused by bacterial overgrowth, using topical vitamin D might calm your symptoms. More studies are needed to confirm how this could work.

Vitamin D also has an anti-inflammatory property. Having adequate levels of vitamin D in your system may help address the inflammatory symptoms of acne. Taking vitamin D supplements could also be an alternative way of treating recurrent acne that appears red and inflamed.

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