What Is A Face Massage?

Facial massage is a process that includes massaging the face gently with hands or tools. Massaging the face is beneficial in leveling up the facial muscles, smooth flow of blood circulation, reduction of face puff, and serving a healthy glow to the face. According to skincare expertise, it is best to massage your face two to three times a week for good and glowing skin.

There are certain internal and external changes through a face massage. It improves blood circulation, in turn giving an even tone complexion. It is great for clearing out the pores and allows the skincare products to have better penetration. Facial massage is good for draining out all the stuck fluid that gives a puffed face.

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Benefits of Face Massage

Let us take a look at some of the amazing benefits of face massage:

1. Reduces Aging

What is the aging of the skin? Aging of the skin is when your skin experiences dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. However, a face massage can level up your skin appearance, hence, making the skin look youthful. 

The right steps for a facial massage do wonders in the circulation of blood by building more collagen which is a building block of skin. 

Collagen offers elasticity and strength to the skin. The presence of amino acids in collagen helps lower the appearance of scars, acne, and dark spots. More the amount of collagen, better the skin.

2. Pulls Out Toxins

Different factors give rise to toxins. Factors like diet, lifestyle, and environmental pollution play a part in the same. The reason behind toxins being dangerous is that it strips off your skin glow and triggers breakouts. 

A gentle facial massage, not just levels up the blood circulation, however, also acts on the stimulation of lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system in our body is responsible for acting as a filter to remove all toxins. 

Face massage is a simple and efficient measure to push off all the toxins out of the lymph nodes for good-looking and healthy skin. 

3. Welcome Gleaming Skin

No one in the world would not want “supple” and “awake” skin. Achievement of luminous skin depends upon numerous factors like diet, genetics, and lifestyle. Facial massaging plays a huge part, all due to the magical ability it holds by encouraging healthy blood flow. A tired skin only starts breathing after an improvisation in the blood circulation and detox of dirt with toxins. 

The crux says, yes it is simply possible to make fatigued skin into a brightening one with massaging. Well, get ready to put up your shining face ahead.

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4. Heard Of The Term - Crepey?

Crepey skin refers to the one which is dry and wrinkled. It looks like crepe paper. There can be certain reasons like hormonal imbalances, usage of tobacco, chronic stress, and dehydration. Accompanied by other solutions, a facial massage complements different other solutions to lower crepey skin. 

One such example for the same is since dryness aggravates crepey skin, it is recommended to consume more water with the usage of natural moisturizers. It will make the skin firm. 

Collagen holds the property of repairing the skin which is affected by lack of water and massage is the best way to produce collagen. A gentle facial massage is wonderful to give that crepey skin, a farewell. 

5. Gentle Massage = Better Absorption

passing active ingredients present in the applied products.

In simple words, massaging can help get the most out of skincare products. The addition of essential oils to your moisturizer is a great gesture for a refreshing fragrance and soothing effect on the skin. 

6. No More Sinus Congestion

If you are someone who frequently suffers from nasal congestion or sinuses, facial pains, headaches, and stuffy nose then massaging has got your back, yet again. It is not just the hydration and saline sprays, but also the facial massaging that provides relief to sinuses. 

Hence, improving your pain day into a relaxing one. Massages break up the mucous that is being collected in the sinuses by calmer breathing and relieving pain. To make this one work, it is better to apply pressure on the right areas of the face.

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7. Dwindling Acne Scars

With dependence on the severity of acne scars, dermatologists suggest the application of topical ointments, a recommended suitable procedure. Facial massaging is a go-to for

early, mild plus moderate scars. If the scars are early, they can heal and lower down through proper blood circulation with healthy massaging. 

Mild and moderate scars are mainly permanent and can be treated with other procedures as well. Some of these are laser resurfacing, skin needling, dermabrasion, and more. 

Though, these processes are not natural as face massaging. With detoxification of skin and improvement of texture, face massages are a great complement to call off stubborn acne marks and scars.

8. No More Face Puffs

Do you usually wake up with a puffy face? Well, the reason behind the same can be excess water retention. Now, why does water retention happens? 

Being on menstruation and consumption of too much salt are the first few reasons for water retention. Massaging is the easiest way to say bye-bye to face puff quickly. The purpose of lymphatic tissues is the removal of excess fluids from the body’s tissues. 

Facial massage pushes the excess fluid into your face to the lymph nodes in the neck area. 

9. Lightens Up Drowsy Eyes

Cucumber slices and a cold compressor or tea bags are the first choices for the reduction of puffiness around the eye area. At the same time face massaging and rollers are yet another best recipe for a home remedy. 

If your dinner date or important meeting requires you to look lively, then you should give yourself a home massage to get rid of eye puffs. While choosing a face massager, make sure to be slow on under-eye skin as the area is fragile. 

Feel free to use your hands or a tool that can efficiently target the sensitive areas of the face.

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10. Relax Yourself

Have you been looking for the simplest way to de-stress at home? Stress is a factor that can accumulate in any part of the body and it can be on your facial muscles too. Surprising right? A face massage is constructive to help emerge from stressful situations and feelings. 

Our skin is flexible. It gives a quick response to any kind of self-care. So, why not gift your skin that extra 6 minutes of relaxation and release the stress? 

Whenever you are doing a face massage, make sure to affirm positive things about your skin and yourself. It can 100 percent lighten and live up to the action more quickly.

How To Do A Face Massage?

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Before doing a face massage it is essential to undertake a proper facial massage regime. A pre-massage regime can help the facial massage be more effective and the best in its way. 

The step for facial massage are mentioned below:

  • Wipe your face with a mild cleanser. It is essential to begin the facial massage on a clean face.

  • Choose a natural facial oil. If your skin is dry, then you can go for argan, marula, or almond. If your skin is oily, go for jojoba or grapeseed oil. Skins with acne vulnerability can prefer rose hip seed oil. For sensitive skin, pick up moringa or aloe vera oil.

  • If oil is not something that you prefer, then go for a natural cream/moisturizer for massaging.

  • Always make sure that your hands are clean properly.
  • You can replace the usage of your fingers with the face roller or a jade roller for massaging the face

After finishing the process of applying facial oil or cream, make sure to follow the below steps:

Step 1: Forehead Massage

  • Keep your knuckles on the forehead in between the eyebrows
  • Now, slowly move them up to the hairline and sideways to the temple area.
  • Repeat it in a scraping movement five times

Step 2: Eye Area Massage

  • Keep the tips of the index and middle fingers on the temple area
  • Slide the fingers under the eyes area to the bridge of the nose
  • Keep sliding it over the eyebrows and then move back to the eye areas again creating an oval path
  • Make sure to make this movement five times

Step 3: Cheek Massage

  • Keep the knuckles on the cheeks around the bridge of the nose
  • Swipe it kindly around your cheeks and to the ears
  • Make sure to make this movement five times

Cheek Massage

Step 4: Mouth Area Massage

  • Create a “V” sign with the middle and index fingers of both the hands
  • Keep the fingers on the mouth area, wherein, the index finger is above the upper lip and the middle finger below the lower lip
  • Now, slowly press and move the fingers towards the ears
  • Make sure to make this movement five times

Step 5: Chin Area Massage

  • Keep your knuckles on the chin in a manner that the jawline is automatically placed between the knuckles
  • Slowly, pull the knuckles in the upward direction, around the jawline, to the sides of the ears
  • Make sure to make this movement five times

Step 6: Neck Massage

  • Keep the knuckles under the chin
  • Pull them down in the direction of the collar bone
  • Move the knuckles around the jawline and pull them down towards the collarbone.
  • Make sure to move five times

Step 7: Outer Face Outline Massage

  • Keep the knuckles in between the eyebrows
  • Move it in the upward direction, around the hairline, and to the temple area
  • Then, slowly bring it down to the side area of the face, including the jawline

After the steps are completed, keep your palms on the face and press your skin by taking a deep breath. This will give you huge relaxation!

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Types Of Face Massage

There are numerous kinds of facial massage that can be done at home or with the help of a professional:

  • Shiatsu: Shiatsu refers to “finger pressure”. It is the usage of a different level of pressure on specific points of the body. The massage helps open the blockages of the muscles. 

  • Swedish: Swedish is a basic massage that consists of 5 basic movements that are tapotement, friction, strokes, vibration, effleurage, and petrissage. The massage is soothing and refreshing. 

  • Acupressure: Another massage technique that aims to relax the muscles by lowering the pain and leveling up the body’s blood circulation inside the body.

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  • Therapeutic: A remedial massage that showers relief from damaged muscle pains. It improvises the entire health of an individual by relaxing the tensed muscles of the body.

  • Gua Sha Tool: A massage tool consisting of using a jade stone with a special shape for improving blood circulation. With gua sha, you can massage all over the face in an upward movement and direction. 

Face Massage Techniques

  • Cupping: Cupping is a method that includes the placement of suction cups on the skin to incite a suction. It levels up the blood flow by relaxing the painful muscles.

  • Vibration: Vibration is a massage technique that restores the softer tissues of the skin, hence, relaxing the muscles. 

  • Rhythmic Tapping: This massage technique removes the stress from the muscles by activation of nerves, which in turn, activates the nervous system. 

  • Knuckle Kneading: Knuckle kneading is an intense pressure applied for reaching the tissues and the deeper layers of the skin. It is a basic technique for leveling up flexibility, reduction of pain, and opening up the tight muscles.

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(Home) Face Massage Techniques

Natural face massage techniques can be tried at home for relieving yourself from anxiety and stress. Let us take a look at some of the best steps of face massage tried at home.

  • Squeeze & Release – This face massage can do wonders for your brows. With the help of pointed fingers and thumb, keep pinching the brows from the middle to the temples area. Do it two to three times.

  • Tame With Acupressure – The space between your eyebrows is often ignored. It is better to reconcile with it and give it some relaxation. The point is the right place for relieving headaches, sinus pressures, and stress. Move your fingers in a circular motion anticlockwise and clockwise. 

  • Face Taps – Try tapping your face and see what it feels like. Rhythmic tapping is a great way to soothe the cheekbones and entire face. It is the best method for balancing the central nervous system and upliftment the energies. Repeat it three to six times.

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