Sun, Pollution, Air Conditioning, And Heating Can Affect Our Skin

We are constantly bombarded with messages about how the sun, pollution, air conditioning, and heating can affect our skin. It can be hard trying to figure out how to deal with changes to your skin when you aren’t quite sure why you are having them in the first place.

In general skin tends to be dryer in the winter, oilier (or at least less dry) in the summer. This is primarily because the swing from a cold external environment into warm, heated interiors is such a challenge for skin. Extremes of temperatures and humidity disrupt the surface of the skin and cause changes in the function of the external skin barrier.

Therefore it is essential to follow a well defined skin care routine which has been formulated by a professional so that the needs of your skin are fully catered to. This will also ensure that the seasonal changes are adapted to by your skin.

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