Skin Care is the new healthcare!

  • Itchy skin? Use aloe vera.
  • Dry skin? Aloe vera is best.
  • Sensitive skin? Try aloe vera.

Have you been coming across these lines lately?

Well, then why don’t you absorb some detailed knowledge about it? Let us drink in some insights about aloe vera for skin, together. 

Summers are almost here, the first thing that comes to mind is “TANS”

On experiencing sunburns/tan you know what to do?

Pluck a leaf of aloe vera plant and rub it on the skin to soothe. Aloe vera is a famous natural medicinal plant. This super generous plant is a राम बाण for every physical/emotional issue that occurs. The soother offers relief from sunburns, various skin conditions like cold sores, psoriasis, frostbites, mosquito bites, and more. 

You can relieve a disturbed digestive system, end your hair worries, and so much more.

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Being Common

It is present in almost everyone’s garden/balcony/backyard. Some of us do not know the precious benefits offered by aloe vera for the face and skin.Since it has valuable advantages for overall health, medicine, beauty, skincare, and haircare, the Greek scientists have named it as “universal panacea”. Egyptians call it the “plant of immortality”

As Per The Biochemistry Of The Aloe Vera Plant it has the presence of anti-viral, anti-fungal, and cell regenerative properties. It is a crystal gel formed substance living in the leaves of the plant. With the presence of 75 active constituents like enzymes, minerals, sugars, lignin, vitamins, saponins, amino acids, and salicylic acids, aloe is home to nearly everything. 

Aloe vera gel is a magical ingredient found thousands of decades back and has been in the health and beauty books for uncountable benefits. With the power of eradicating all the skin woes, it is here to conquer every problem. With the hype around the aloe vera plant, it is better to grow it at your home and make it a part of your skincare regime permanently. It will only add up goodness and subtract out the unwanted from the largest organ of the body. 

It contains vitamin A and E, which is the reason it is chosen by a lot of skincare brands too for incorporation in their products.

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How does Aloe Vera Protect Your Face?

Mist your Skin

Do you know aloe vera is also called “burn plant”? Well, not because it burns but because it is a complete soother for sunburns. It is home to specific compounds known as polysaccharides that benefit the encouragement of skin repair and new skin cells. This further contains compounds named carboxypeptidase that help relieve pain, hence offering a relaxing sensation to the skin with the application of aloe vera. 

As per some of the reviewed studies, it has been showcased that the thick gel-filled inside aloe vera leaves benefit in the healing process of first to second degree burns with the inclusion of mild to moderate sunburns. 

As per another latest study, it is known that a substance called aloin is in charge of aloe vera’s inflammatory properties. The inflammatory properties are beneficial for the prevention of peeling that occurs with sunburns. 

If you are facing visible indications of sun damage such as freckles, dark spots, and mild sunburns, it is time to apply aloe vera on your face for relief and management of skin.

Mist your Skin

Since aloe vera has a presence of 95 percent of water, obviously it hydrates the skin with a complete non-greasy feeling right after its application. Aloe vera takes action like glue as it quickly locks moisture in the skin, thereafter, sticking to the top layer of skin cells altogether. This procedure results in smooth and soft skin. Be it any type of skin – oily or sensitive, aloe vera has proven to act as an extraordinary moisturizer. If you have been searching for a light moisturizer during the summer or winter months, then Aloe vera will give you the best farm feels. 


Get Rid of Mouth Sores

Aloe vera is a guardian angel for the treatment of basic oral conditions like blisters after fever, cold sores(usually outside the mouth), and canker sores that occur due to stress inside the mouth. Getting rid of the herpes virus which is the root cause of cold sores, is easier now. 

Note: Apply a little amount of gel on the cold sore twice a day until it gets off wholly. 

Age Gracefully

When aging begins skin turns saggy, and wrinkled and leading to a lack of elasticity. Well, no worries. Aloe vera has got you covered here as well. It participates in the retention of skin’s long-lost moisture and restores the supple glow. While it reduces noticeable wrinkles and fine lines present on the face, it also improves elasticity by repairing skin cells. Hence, calling for the prevention of premature skin aging.

GoodBye Unwanted Scars

Thank us later! Why? Because aloe vera has all the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties keeping the acne away. It ensures bacteria prevention which usually leads to acne or pimples. If your skin is dealing with blackheads and pimples- Salicylic acid will unclog your pores and remove the stubborn scars plus fade out the blemishes.

No More Skin Irritation

Aloe vera is hands-on the best beauty substance for sensitive skin. The cooling properties of the aloe vera plant relax redness, infection, rashes, and itchiness. It involves “acemannan compounds” containing anti-fungal properties to treat inflammatory skin issues like heat boils or cysts during summers. No matter what, this has to be a must-have skincare thing in your kit during summers. Hashtag aloe vera for skin benefits!

Note: A patch test is always essential for inflammatory skin as it leads to allergic contact dermatitis among a few people.

Hygiene is the King

Right hygiene is equal to clean skin. Aloe vera has the potential to repair and recover your skin from the root. Treating sunburns, acne, scars, pimples, and dark spots – absolutely clear out the unwanted build-up caused by dirt and pollution. The usage of aloe vera as a simple cleanser gives the finest cleansing benefits. Aloe vera has magical healing properties which offer pure hydration and control flaking, tightness, and redness.

A Natural Exfoliator

The presence of salicylic acid present in aloe vera gel acts as a brilliant exfoliator with gentle sloughing off of dead skin cells. A substance called lignin inside gives a penetrating effect on the other ingredients as well.

“Let me make something very very very clear - Your Skin”

Now that awareness of benefits is quite done, why not take a look at different measures to include in a skincare routine. Following are some short homemade natural do-it-yourself face packs for healthy skin. Try and let us know how you find it for smooth, supple, and glowing skin.

Face Pack For Acne

  • Scoop out fresh aloe vera gel 
  • Add two to three drops of tea tree oil 
  • Massage the mixture on your skin 

Face Pack For Dry Skin

  • Take one teaspoon of aloe vera gel 
  • Take one slice of cucumber 
  • Take one tablespoon of honey 
  • Blend the slice of cucumber 
  • Add aloe vera and honey into the blended paste 
  • Application of mixture on the face and neck (if required)
  • Leave it for 20 minutes 
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water

Face Pack For Oily Skin

  • Take one banana 
  • Take two tablespoons of aloe vera gel 
  • Take some drops of rose water 
  • Mash out the banana in a bowl 
  • Add aloe vera gel and rose water to the blend 
  • Create a paste and start application on a damp face 
  • Rinse off on drying 
  • Moisturize skin afterward

Face Pack For Sensitive or Normal Skin

  • Take fresh aloe vera gel 
  • Take ten to twelve drops of tea tree oil 
  • Add tea tree oil to aloe vera gel 
  • Whisk the fresh mixture into a smooth paste 
  • Application of mixture on the face 
  • Keep it overnight 
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water in the morning 
  • Try it twice a week

“Self-care starts with Skin Care”

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Face Pack For Sensitive or Normal Skin

Aloe vera has around two hundred and forty types. Of all the variants, there are only three or four kinds that are considered therapeutic. The unique and most healing one is “Aloe Vera Barbadenis”. This has the best healing properties inside out. 

Let us understand how aloe vera for skin benefits can be incorporated differently into the skincare routine. 


  • Aloe vera – The Exfoliator 

Aloe vera is filled with diamond-like crystal substances that act as a superb exfoliator for the skin. Since it is a cleansing agent with the presence of salicylic acid, it is famous for the removal of dead skin cells and prevents acne by unclogging pores. 

  1. Aloe vera – The Moisturizer

Aloe vera gel offers the finest moisturizer. Post cleansing of the skin gives moisturizing effects and retains moisture of the skin by soothing it. 

  1. Aloe vera – The Makeup Remover 

Since aloe vera is excellent in unclogging pores with its special healing and purifying properties, it also acts as the most affordable ingredient for the removal of makeup to relax the skin with cleansing.

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Now, what are you waiting for? All you have got to do is choose Aloe vera for Skin Care


“In a world full of red rose, be someone’s Aloe vera having 101 qualities of cure” – Smita Uikey