Reasons why saffron should be in your beauty routine

While Saffron is good for colds and coughs, stomach issues, uterine bleeding, insomnia, flatulence, and heart trouble, it is also great for the skin. It is rich in manganese, which regulates blood sugar and in turn, gives you glowing skin.

A potent ingredient to add to your diet, you can combine this power spice with milk. When you do that it helps in improving digestion and appetite, keeps your skin healthy, and enhances your immunity.

Drinking this every night before you go to sleep promotes sound sleep. When used topically, saffron can upgrade your skincare routine tremendously.

Protects against UV radiation: When it comes to skin health, protecting against ultraviolet (UV) radiation is one of the best things you can do. UV radiation promotes the production of free radicals, which causes oxidative stress. This damages your skin cells and accelerates skin aging.

Fights inflammation: Inflammation, which can be caused by oxidative stress, is the root of many diseases. This includes inflammatory conditions involving the skin.

Supports wound healing: Proper wound healing is key for healthy skin. It lowers your risk of developing complications, including skin infections and scarring.

Reduces hyperpigmentation: Hyperpigmentation occurs when parts of your skin become darker than the surrounding skin. It’s caused by excess pigment or melanin. You can develop hyperpigmentation due to scarring, sun exposure, or hormonal changes.

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