Summers make it difficult for the skin to breathe. Yes, we can feel you on this. The weather is a time to take proper care of your skin especially when there is a lot of humidity around.

Do not worry, we have got you covered for everything that can be done to manage your beautiful skin.

Rose water has been a part of every woman’s beauty regimen for a long time. The question is can rose water be used as a toner?

rose face toner

Rose water is a simple and natural beauty product that has numerous benefits. As the name suggests, it is water imbued with rose petals. A completely safe, secure, best for everyday use water. The water can be used for every other skin type. The best part about it is that the rose water can be used beautifully as a toner.

Yes, do not be surprised. Toning with rose water can work well.

A toner can be used on the face and neck after proper cleansing. It removes any infused dirt in the skin, left out makeup inside the skin, or dead skin cells from the face after proper cleansing. Rose water gives a preparation mode to the skin for other skincare products like moisturizers and serums.

Rose Water As A Toner!

Using rose water as a toner gives huge hydration to the skin. It has properties of anti-bacterial and antioxidants which improve the barriers to the skin by further reducing transdermal water loss.

Rose water can always be added with moisturizing ingredients such as ceramides, and glycerin for good results. However, always keep a note that rose water should not be used as a substitute for your current moisturizer.

Rose Water For Oily Skin

Rose water has remarkable properties of balancing the natural oil and hence creating good options for people with oily skin. It is filled with vitamins like A, D, B3, C, and E which is highly used in skincare products for oily skin type.

It is filled with natural vitamins present in rose water for oily skin which improves the skin while preventing breakouts. Plus, it adds to the anti-bacterial properties which cease active acne and acne spots from getting infected and causing scarring.

If you are someone with oily skin, it means the T-zone or the complete facial area secretes a lot of oil or sebum. People with oily skin have clogged pores, even active pimples or acne, and enlarged pores. Usage of rose water as a toner is best as it has astringent properties that clean and tightens the skin pores.

Note: Make sure to beware if the toner for oily skin is stripping off the oil harshly from your skin, hence, leaving you with dry skin or an allergic response. Rather, switch the usage with simple rose water for your skin as a solution as it will simply control the oil and hydrate the skin beautifully.

Rose Water For Oily Skin

Rose water is a natural hydrator and it offers moisture when the skin requires it the most. Rose water toner for dry skin is best as it offers a much-needed boost to the skin. It is known to cure different conditions like psoriasis and eczema due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

The reason it is considered best for dry skin is it helps in refining the pores without drying the skin texture. Get ready to swing, it gives your face the much-needed moisture all day long. You can even prefer choosing DIY rose water as a toner in your spray bottle. Keep it in your bag and spray it on your skin to keep it hydrated every four to five hours.

Note: If your skin is way too dry, then use rose water as a toner in combination with other moisturizing ingredients like moisturizer, aloe vera, glycerin, and sandalwood.

Well, if you are in awe of this wisdom or in love with curating on your own, then let me tell you that you can simply create different rose water toners yourself.

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How To Create A Rose Water Toner?

You can buy a rose water toner or take some rose water, and add more water to it. Getting more creative is another way to do it. Some of the DIY rose water toners that can help your oily skin are as follows:

1.Rose Water Toner with Mint Apple

Required ingredients
  • Three to four chopped mint leaves

  • One ¼ the cup of rose water

  • Two teaspoons of raw apple cider vinegar

Take a jar with a screw-top lid with some mint and apple cider vinegar in it at room temperature for one week. The mint will imbue into the vinegar, hence, giving a beautiful fragrance full of scent. Later on, make sure to strain out the mixture inside the large cup and add the rose water into it. Now, transfer the ingredient into a spray bottle and keep it in a cooler place for one week. The combination of rose water with apple cider vinegar is a superb idea as both the ingredients have astringent properties minimizing the skin pores and reducing the oil. Apple cider vinegar raises the blood flow and regulates the Ph level of the skin.

2. Rose Water Toner with Glycerin

Required ingredients
  • Three teaspoons of glycerin
  • Three teaspoons of rose water
  • One teaspoon of lemon juice
  • One spray bottle

A combination of all three ingredients will do well if you mix it well properly. Make sure to store the system in a clean spray bottle. Massage the toner in the best way on cleansed skin after face wash for proper absorption inside the skin. It will hydrate the skin completely as glycerin has effective moisturizing properties. Another good part is it can replace the moisturizer, easily.

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3. Your Classic Rose Water Toner

Let us take a look at the required ingredients
  • Some dry rose petals
  • Water
  • A spray bottle

All you need to do is add the rose buds into hot boiling water for three to five minutes. Now, wait for the water to cool down. Transfer the water into the glass spray bottle. Make sure to use it within a month and create fresh bottles again. After the usage of the toner, do not forget to apply a moisturizer as this routine can dry skin if not undertaken properly.

Now that we are done with the different types of toners and their uses. Why not take a look at some of the best usages of Rose water and give rest to “Can rose water be used as a toner?”


Benefits of Rose Water

1. Best For Curing Skin Conditions

Rose water is a massive formula for anti-inflammatory properties benefiting the skin on different levels. As per a past study, rose water is found to treat irritation, and redness occuring through rosacea. Rosacea is a skin condition that leads to red bumps, redness, and visible blood vessels. Rather than that, rose water as toner benefits in curing psoriasis and eczema. It helps in mild problems like dry, flaky skin, sunburn, and acne. If you have sensitive skin, you are safe to use it.

2. Hello, Antioxidants

One of the finest usages of Rose Water is that it is extremely high in antioxidants which protect the skin from damages which are caused by free radicals. As per a famous study, the rose petals extract the suppressed MAPK signaling which is the reason that cells are activated in response to cellular stressors. Another study about it revealed the petals’ benefits in the protection of fibroblast cells at odds with hydrogen peroxide-induced damage.

3. Welcome Anti-Ageing Properties

Rose water is full of vitamins A and C which are anti-aging vitamins. They aid in the prevention of oxidative damage by rebuilding collagen for the skin. Also, it is great for fading skin hyperpigmentation and lowers the appearance of fine lines and stretch marks. In case, you are looking to minimiseskin peeling, then it is best to level up the cell turnover which can be attained by a mixture of rose water in the moisturizer.

4. Cure Most Medical Conditions

Rose water is a master beauty product as it has been used for numerous years. It is also used for healing wounds, cuts, and scars. As researches show it has been used a lot in traditional medicines of Iran for various health issues. Everyone has their way of using it. It also relieves breast pain, fever, menstrual issues, etc.

5.Balance Your PH Levels

Rose water is known to be good for balancing the PH levels of your face skin. The general PH range covers between 4.5 to 6.3. Often, the range is damaged by harsh chemicals, soaps, and beauty products, hence, leading to bacterial growth and acne. Hence, the usage of rose water as a toner can be a good idea as its pH level is 5.5 and it balances the damage by restoring the normal pH level of the skin.

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6. Say Bye Bye To Puffy Eyes

Rose water is an excellent source for treating puffiness as it is home to anti-inflammatory and cooling conditions. It refreshes the skin by catering to the puffiness. You can use rose water for treating the under-eye puffiness also. All you need to do is take two cotton balls soaked in rose water and place them over your eyes to get rid of puffiness. In no time, you will see and experience instant refreshing relief.

7. Cure Those Sun Burns

There is no need to undertake any medical treatment for sunburns. All you need to do is simply apply rose water to the affected area. One of the rose water uses is that it can act as a coolant to soothe the skin which ultimately heals the burned area of the skin from the sun. Even in cases of tanning, it can be used to clean the pores. It is a super idea to carry rose water in a spray bottle inside your purse and continue the usage at desired intervals as per your skin whenever you are out there in the sun.

Summary Of Rose Water Toner

Rose water is a mild and gentle one that is suitable for every kind of skin involving sensitive skin. It acts as a great toner with no side effects at all and is great for using regularly. Feel free to pick up a chemical-free, cruelty-free, organic rose water that does not harm your skin. It can be a great product with beautiful benefits and goodness.

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Let us look into some of the frequently asked questions

A1. Yes, rose water is a natural and flexible ingredient that can be used right after face wash. Majorly, toning with rose water after cleansing the face with a proper face wash is recommended. After the application of toner, the face can be massaged with a good moisturizer. However, the usage timings of rose water are not restricted, it can be used any time when needed.

A2. No, rose water does not assure skin whitening. It does not help in skin whitening, though, it does lower the pigmentation of the skin. It unclogs the pores and removes the dirt, hence, making the skin tighter.

The Blush Rose Toner by Betty Skincare

Rose face toner by Betty Skincare is a mild exfoliator that removes dead skin cells and impurities from the face by giving it a fresh and hydrating look. You must use it every day for instant bright-looking skin, and a youthful face. It has no harmful additions, fake fragrances, or synthetic ingredients.

The Blush rose toner is a perfect way to add a bright-looking and healthy glow to the face. It is made up of natural ingredients which is the reason it is gentle for sensitive skin and super powerful for dry and dull looking. The coolest thing about the Blush rose toner is, that it can be used for the face as well as the neck. It implies you can wipe off the blemishes and cleanse out the pores without hurting the skin or application of any chemicals.

Can You Use The Blush Rose Toner

People ranging from normal to dry skin, sensitive skin, skin with pigmentation and blemishes, excessively dry skin, tan prone skin, aged skin, rashes, patches, necklines, discoloration, premature lines, open pores, dark circles, and deep scars can use it.

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How To Use?

All you need to do is shake off the rose face toner spray bottle to activate the mattifying oils. Spray the rose toner three to four times directly on your face or use a cotton ball to apply on the face skin. Let the toner infuse into your skin naturally or you can wipe it out with a cotton pad.

Betty’s Magic Recipe

  • Rose Flower
  • Autumn Crocus
  • Mexican Marigold

Benefits Of Blush Rose Toner

The blush rose toner owns some of the fail-safe benefits of rose oil accompanied with saffron and marigold which is hugely soothing, hydrating, and refreshing for the skin. The rose toner is an anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating, and toning astringent which removes the impurities while lowering the pores. This is a natural face toner for your face if you wish to cure deep-rooted scars, or dry, patchy, or aged skin. We have got you covered.