Natural Beauty

Natural beauty is not something simple, fast, and easy. We need to know the properties of the natural ingredients from Beauty Expert Betty Nangia that we want to use on our skin, and how they must be used, be able to make your cosmetics safely, or buy products that are suitable for our needs and effective.

In this section we reveal all the secrets to being beautiful naturally, and what are the advantages of natural body care.

Natural cosmetics

Unlike traditional cosmetics, natural ones avoid the use of chemical ingredients as much as possible. The main ingredients are derived from plants and the producers are subject to different regulations, especially if they are certified organic products.

In natural cosmetics, the products are not tested on animals and contain raw materials of natural origin, often from organic or biodynamic agriculture. In their composition, petroleum-based additives and synthetic preservatives are also excluded.

Often no attention is paid to the composition of the make-up, instead, it is important because traditional cosmetics tend to contain many chemicals that can be dangerous for the skin and the environment.

This is especially true for some ingredients (parables, mineral oils, collagen, sodium sulfate), which can cause skin irritation, blocked pores, itching, and other annoying side effects. Furthermore, they are often obtained with polluting and little or no biodegradable production methods.

To address this problem, we advise you to use natural and organic products and cosmetics, which care for the skin, body, and hair, having the advantage of using only substances of natural origin, are free of chemicals, and are derived from certified production and respectful of the environment.


Just because cosmetics are derived from natural products doesn’t necessarily eliminate the risk of an allergic reaction. Our body can be intolerant to some substances present in nature and which are a fundamental ingredient of organic cosmetics.

For this reason, when buying a new natural and organic beauty product, it is always best to test it on a small patch of skin before applying it. This will help you find out if you are allergic to any of the substances contained in the product.

In any case, it is best to follow the advice of a natural dermatologist or herbalist.

Natural ingredients

The main natural ingredients for beauty and body and hair care come from what Nature offers us: plants and herbs. From these different ingredients are obtained, whose specific characteristics and virtues are exploited according to the part of the body to be treated and the problem to be addressed.

  • Plant extracts are used. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients for the well-being of skin, nails, and hair, depending on their properties.
  • Vegetable oils are also used, obtained from the seeds of different plants, rich in essential fatty acids. These aromatic concentrates are rich in the active ingredients of the plant and are therefore particularly effective.

They also use vegetable oils (Shea butter, cocoa butter) are fats in a solid form that abound in nutrients. They are extracted from the seeds of some plants.

Cosmetic recipes

We also introduce you to cosmetic self-production through simple recipes to make at home, using only natural ingredients. You will discover how effective and safe, easy and cheap they are.

  • Effective: it is based on the properties of plants and other ingredients with proven effectiveness
  • Safe: the purchase is made by you so that you can control the whole process and keep the cosmetic for a short time because it is free of chemical preservatives
  • Economical: you can reuse the containers, thus producing less waste and raw materials usually do not cost much
  • Fast: A recipe, when you have all the ingredients you need, usually takes no more than twenty minutes.

Our natural beauty recipes for face care, both for oily, combination, dry and mature skin. The body has its part too, with specific creams for legs, hands, and feet, scrubs to exfoliate, gels to take a relaxing bath, or an energizing shower.

And let’s not forget the hair, be it dry, oily, weak, brittle, or colored, our recipes are perfect for regaining and maintaining their health and vitality.