There are several benefits of Hibiscus Tea. It is filled with goodness. It has been known for ages to prevent hypertension, lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar levels, keep your liver healthy. It helps with menstrual cramps, help with depression, aids digestion and help with weight management. It’s rich in Vitamin C and contains minerals such as flavonoids and has laxative properties too. Hibiscus tea also burns fat, lowers cholesterol and prevents cancer.

Hibiscus Tea Benefits for Skincare

Not only does this help with ageing spots, pigmentation, but it also encourages an all-round fresher, younger, smoother looking complexion. 

The natural acids present in Hibiscus tea help to purify the skin by breaking down dead skin and increasing cell turnover. Hibiscus Tea an application can even help to control acne breakouts. ( we are using it in our skin and hair care products ).

Hibiscus tea has excellent anti-ageing benefits because it maintains elastin in the skin by decreasing the activity of elastase, an enzyme that breaks down our skin’s natural elastin.

Hibiscus Tea Benefits for Women Health 

Menopause, a natural part of ageing in women, occurs as a result of low estrogen levels in the body. Hibiscus, exhibits an estrogenic effect, as it contains phytoestrogen (plant-based estrogen).

Hibiscus Tea & Hair Health 

As it’s rich in vitamin C, which stimulates the production of collagen, it ensures healthy hair growth. It helps condition hair, preventing its dryness, frizziness & breakage.  It helps treat scalp problems such as itching and dandruff.

Note: Kindly drink Hibiscus Tea just only cup a day and do, not overdose.