Effectiveness of Natural Skincare

We all live bombarded by marketing claims, advertisements, and glorification of youth. Extreme methods to change our faces and bodies are commonplace today, from hair straighteners to skin bleaching to deep skin peels. Over 10,500 unique chemical ingredients are used in personal care products to accomplish the goal of beauty.

With an increase in the awareness of the people and shifting of preferences from chemical based to natural skincare, it is important for us to decipher the real meaning of natural products and to understand how they benefit our skin. It’s important for all of your skincare to be natural for your overall health, but the benefit of using natural  skincare is that these provide your skin with the purest form of the ingredient on the market.

We rarely know what they do to manufacture these chemical based products, and yet we buy them in the hopes of enhancing ourselves. The unfortunate answer is that often they subtly harm our health instead, through allergic reactions, skin irritations, disruption of our hormones, and even causing cell mutation and cancer in the long run.

Why should you choose Betty Skincare natural products?

Natural products use nontoxic ingredients that work with the human body instead of against it. Natural ingredients are rich and healthy vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and lots of other good chemistry, just like the healthy foods you can eat each day. Not only are these ingredients safe, but they are also bioavailable, meaning our bodies know how to digest, build, and heal with them.

This is the reason at Betty Skincare we make natural products are made of ingredients which have been sourced from nature, they are safe to be used on the skin, with minimal skin damage even in the long run. The products that our brand Betty Skincare put out for our customers have undergone tremendous amount of research and tests to check for their effectiveness.

Betty Skincare being a natural brand produces Cruelty-Free and vegan products with no added chemical preservatives which makes them almost a 100% chemical free. These products are like our babies, made with care after lots of natural experiments by Betty Nangia (Beauty Expert & Creator of Betty’s Skin Care Products).

So get your hands on our amazing natural products and radiate the best version of your skin. If you need any help related to skincare, haircare or body care you can directly contact us at + 91 988 840 8040

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