Effect Of Pollution On Skin

During the winter months and especially post-Diwali, there is a substantial increase in the amount of atmospheric pollution around us which has a manifold detrimental impact on the skin. Small nanoparticles in the form of dirt, dust or soot can enter and negatively impact your skin cells causing premature ageing in a process called oxidation.

Additionally, gases such as nitrogen dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide can harm our skin. Pollution hurts your skin’s barrier function by breaking down collagen and the lipids contained within it.

Additionally, pollution can cause irritation, rashes and breakouts, particularly peaks in pollution. Dirt particles can accumulate on the skin’s surface which can clog pores when they mix with your skin cells and oils.

Therefore, it is very important for all of us to properly take care of our skin which will not only help us retain its shine and glow now but also in the longer run.

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