How Cucumber Rejuvenates Your Skin?

What’s good enough for your salad must be good enough for your skin right?

In your gut, cucumbers deliver inflammation-fighting vitamin C and caffeic acid, and when applied to your face, these same nutrients can provide a positive effect for rejuvenating your complexion.

Cucumber is 96 percent water, making it a hydrating addition to DIY skin treatments as well as being generally safe for sensitive skin due to its lack of harsh, potentially irritating ingredients.

Cucumber is also extremely beneficial to those with irritated and acne-prone skin. Infuse the soothing ingredients of cucumber water with our recommended Betty Skincare masks to create a mask that can protect against skin irritation and swelling.

For acne-prone skin, cucumber juice can help dilute potent essential oils like tea tree oil. This way you can fight breakouts without drying out or stinging your skin. Cucumber can also be rubbed directly on the skin, over acne spots, or even put under a sheet mask while waiting.

Use kitchen leftoversA mixture of cucumber, honey, and yogurt combine to create a hydrating and delicious-smelling mask. Feel free to get creative, adding ingredients like oats to the mix for calming and exfoliating properties

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