That’s right, just as you’ve read: we’re going to help you and teach you how to permanently close the open pores of your face with this Natural facial mask.

We all suffer from the unfortunate need to minimize enlarged pores on the face. It’s not that we enjoy doing it, simply that if we want to maintain healthy skin, we cannot allow our skin pores to be clogged as if nothing were happening. Let’s see why.

Why do I have open pores?

Before knowing how to clean open pores on the face, definitively, it is essential to understand what is the cause of having open pores. These are the causes of having dilated pores:

  • Genetics
  • Oily skin
  • Lack of skin cleanliness
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Lack of collagen and elastin

What problems can I have if I am not sure how to close the open pores on my face?

We assure you that nobody wants to suffer the problems of having open pores on the face. These are the main problems of maintaining enlarged pores on the face and around the nose over time, simple and clear:

  • Acne
  • More oily skin

How to close open pores on the face quickly

The best technique you can use to know how to close open pores on your face is to use the right natural products. That’s the number one piece of advice from skincare experts like Betty Nangia (Link), and it never fails when you find it.

You can find many techniques on the internet about how to clean the pores of the nose, dermatological treatments for open pores, and tricks to eliminate pores. And some may work within your measure (we like to experiment, and we’ve tried everything), but they’re either too messy and can take a long time to fix, or they’re too expensive to actually reduce pore size. open, and in the end, it is not worth spending so much money on a dermatological treatment and you should always quick connect with skincare specialist (Link).

Another important point is to use natural products, that whose active ingredients come from natural sources.

This mask is the one that takes the cake this year without a doubt, for the quality of its active ingredients, for its unbeatable value for money, and for its incredible results. We tell you more:

Having open or dilated pores is more frequent than it seems since it is one of the most common skin problems and it is the headache of many people, not only because they are unsightly, but also because they do not give an appearance of a clean face.

Luckily, there are natural treatments and betty skincare products with which we can progressively reduce enlarged pores. Do you want to know how you can do it? From Betty Skincare Online Shop, we will tell you throughout this post the best tips, natural products, and homemade recipes that we can use for this purpose and without damaging our skin.

Here we reveal the keys! So, take note and show off baby-like skin!

What function do the pores have in our skin?

To understand the reason why we have open or dilated pores, it is first necessary to know what function they have in our skin.

Pores are follicles, tiny holes found in the skin. These are in the outermost layer of this, the epidermis, and among other actions that are necessary for the body, they help to eliminate sweat.

Thanks to the connection that these openings have with the sebaceous glands, they allow the lipids produced by these structures to come out to lubricate the skin and thus remain hydrated.

Pores in normal skin:

For example, the pores in normal skin are characterized by being fine, which translates into a velvety, soft, smooth texture without impurities. In addition, they are skins with good blood circulation and with a uniform color that is a sign of skin with a fresh and radiant appearance.

Pores on dry skin:

The pores of this type of skin are characterized by the fact that their sebaceous glands produce less sebum than normal and as a consequence, they lack the necessary lipids to retain moisture and have sufficient protection against external influences, which undoubtedly leads to deterioration of skin barrier function.

All this causes us to notice the skin tight and maybe even rough. In mature and dry skin, wrinkles and expression lines are more pronounced.

Pores on oily skin:

In oily skin, the sebaceous glands have increased production of sebum and we can identify them because their pores are enlarged and clearly visible. They are skins that tend to be shiny, thicker, and paler.

Its causes can be many, such as genetics, hormonal changes and imbalances, medication, and comedogenic cosmetics.

Likewise, they are skins prone to the appearance of comedones (blackhead and white head) and various forms of acne.

The pores in combination skin:

This kind of skin is characterized by enlarged pores in the oily T-zone (forehead, chin, and nose) that may have some impurities. In addition, the cheeks often have normal to dry skin, indicating the presence of so-called combination skin.

The oiliest areas in this skin class are due to a hyper-production of sebum and the driest ones to a lack of sebum and a lack of lipids.

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