Being parents is a beautiful stage, watching our baby grow is undoubtedly the best thing that can happen to us in life.

Hearing him laugh, seeing him walk, feeding him, playing with him, showing him the world, feeling his soft and delicate skin is quite an experience, however, it is also a topic that worries us all, because being so sensitive makes him more vulnerable, suffering irritation or infection. 

The new-born  skin is tender and immature, its sensitivity is extreme because it lacks protection against external agents, when washing or bathing them for the first time, they lose the natural protection that covers them in the womb and for  this reason, it is important to look for products that help us provide them with the natural care that their  skin needs.

Although there are already many baby products in India , they do not always react positively to all, because being made of synthetic substances, they can cause irritation or allergy, in addition, some are very expensive and do not always adequately fulfil their function to protect the naturalness of the skin.

Luckily, there are products made with natural ingredients that provide all the protection that the baby’s skin needs, providing the valuable properties of nature, without worrying that it may present a negative reaction that causes discomfort to our little one. Because let’s face it, if they suffer, we suffer more. That is why there is nothing better than having as an ally, a product, that contributes to natural baby skin care.

Let’s talk about the great benefits we have when using Betty’s Baby Care products made with natural ingredients, well, thanks to the fact that they are produced with elements based on fatty acids very similar to human sebum, they provide that naturalness that synthetics do not, they also contain nutrients that contribute to skin cell regeneration.

Creams made with natural ingredients also contain trace elements, which are metals that act as catalysts for chemical reactions in the body and these are:

  • Copper: Recovers the skin’s ability to repair itself. It is proven to stimulate collagen and elastin for healthier, firmer and younger looking skin.
  • Manganese: Plays an important role in the immune system.
  • Zinc: It helps heal subcutaneous lesions and is essential in many enzymatic actions.
  • Iodine: It has an essential role in the metabolism of fats.
  • Selenium: Helps eliminate metabolites at the cellular level thanks to its important function as an antioxidant.
  • Iron: It is essential for the intermediate hemoglobin to oxidize tissues.
  • Sulfur: It is a regulatory trace element of connective tissue.

It should be noted that by not using artificial chemicals, the risk of our baby ‘s skin presenting irritations or allergic reactions drops considerably, added to this the appearance of the  skin improves up to 90% thanks to the dermal functions of  natural ingredients, they also strengthen the external part of the  skin  because they do not have parabens, which are chemical products that act as preservatives to prevent the product from degenerating with microorganisms, fungi or bacteria.

It is important to mention that 80% of the products contain this substance, which has been associated with skin irritations, allergies and other problems; hence the importance of buying products made from natural ingredients that will keep our baby  ‘s skin protected and free of parabens.

Now, we already have enough reasons to opt for betty natural skincare and baby care products with natural ingredients  that contribute to better  care of  our  baby ‘s skin , and why not, ours too, because the factors of daily life such as heat, sun, pollution and diet make us vulnerable to skin problems, we must also set an example so that our children adopt the habit of caring for and preserving the  naturalness  of their  skin .

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