The Key benefits of Betty Natural Skincare Products

Despite the critical and delicate nature of our skin, many of us are still not aware of what we put on the body. 

From using chemicals that are often harsh and depleting to the additives and preservatives of varying toxicity, the skincare and beauty products in our homes are not being given enough attention. 

Many conventional skin care products contain chemicals of all kinds, either as part of the main ingredients or as preservatives to enhance its shelf life. Most of these chemicals have time and again be linked to severe health conditions as they eventually leach into the bloodstream. 

It can disrupt the endocrine system and irritate, not to mention the suggestive links with more severe illnesses such as cancer.

Also, many synthetic skincare products currently on the market often contain filler ingredients. These can include chemicals of all kinds from parabens, to artificial fragrances, emulsifiers, and oils derived from petrochemicals. 

These synthetic chemicals are there for aesthetic purposes such as texture or visual effect rather than adding real health or value to your skin. Chemicals that are applied to the skin have a high incidence of leading to reactions, allergies and irritation, especially those with sensitive skin.

Key benefits of Betty Natural Skincare Products

  • Natural skincare is plant, fruit or herbal based and maybe organic
  • It can be metabolised more easily by the skin
  • Natural skin care products do not contain harmful and toxic chemicals
  • They do not contain harsh preservatives or synthetics ingredients that may irritate the skin
  • Natural skincare works with skin and therefore reduces depleting or blocking the skin spores
  • Natural skincare uses plant-based, fruit and herbal ingredients to nourish, cleanse and exfoliate the skin for optimum skin health.
  • Natural skincare products are vegetarian, maybe vegan and cruelty-free

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