What Are Natural Hair Oil?

Hair oil is an oil-based substance created to improve, balance, and maintain the scalp and hair condition. 

Various types of hair oil can be used to aid dryness, damage, pains, aches, illness, and hair growth. Hair oils are used in the practice of hair oiling. The practice includes pouring oil into the scalp, which eventually goes into the hair, too. It is important to massage the oil into the scalp for increasing luster, shine, and moisture of the hair. Hair oiling is a magical practice to smoothen hair and offer the necessary nutrients to the head and scalp. 

Living in a modern world indulging in modern practices, everything around us seems to be chemical. Having said that, most hair oils are induced with several chemicals for better fragrance and best-selling (marketing purposes). 

Meanwhile, natural hair oil is chemical free and obtained from plants containing oils. To create natural hair oils various parts of the plant is used like seeds, leaves, fruits, barks, flowers, woods, stems, and root by the kind of plant being used. 

Oils are differentiated into three natural oils that are plant oils, aroma oils, and essential oils. 

The story of oils does not just end here. Oils are present in many different cosmetic and food products. Hair drops, hair masks, or heat protectants contain oil in them. 

The human body produces natural hair oil from the glands called sebum. It is around each follicle. The usage of natural hair oils can lower scalp dryness by creating hydrophobic films which reduce transepidermal water loss by cutting back the evaporation of water from the skin. Oils have the miraculous power to safeguard the cuticle cells present inside the hair follicle and prevention of penetrated substances.

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Advantages Of Natural Hair Oil

Nowadays, natural oils are famously grown as the environment and people around are growing health conscious. 

With time, people were uninterested in the application of oil, claiming it to be fashion. 

Until now, the audience is well-aware of the reality of how oil serves our health and beauty. With the discovery of natural hair benefits, it is time to serve the world with its reality. 

1. N Square

N says natural, and N says nutrients are equal to N2. 

Sounds fun? 

Feels fun, too! 

Since chemical-based hair oil or products give a swift answer to all hair-based difficulties. However, it might not serve in the long run. Natural hair oil does wonders by nourishment through empowering with healthy nutrients. The application of natural hair oil to the hair and scalp levels up the hair quality and is a well-powered technique. Natural hair oil has the presence of earthy components, they make the hair soft, shiny, and thick. 

The nutrients like fresh botanicals and herbs enter the roots of the scalp by revitalizing hair growth. Natural hair oils can be applied daily as well for a soothing massage. 

2. Skin & Sun Protection

While synthetic skin components and chemicals can be a damaging recipe for the skin and hair scalp. Well, that is when natural hair oil safeguards the scalp and hair with healthy nourishment. The scalp is the mouth of your hair as the scalp has the power of absorption. It absorbs ninety percent of anything we apply to our heads. 

For the same, it is essential to use natural hair oil for protection from UV rays on the skin and hair. The presence of plant phenols in the botanical substances holds massive potential to reverse and prevent the destructive effects of UV and its radiation on hair. 

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3. Right Investment

Natural hair oil is worth every penny spent. They are the right investment. Irrespective of the fact, that they are more expensive than other oils present in the market. Natural hair oil is better as it offers benefits in the long run and is superior. 

4. Overall Health Insurance

The Head scalp is one part of the body. How is it going to serve the other body parts, then? Well, the reason being all the body parts and organs are connected in some or the other way. 

Damage to one part can result in slow working or steep down of another. The entire body gets affected by the effects of whatever is applied to the scalp through hair care products. To promote better wellness and special qualities, natural hair oil gives a healthy body and good hair. 

5. Planet Earth Friendly

The usage of chemicals not just affects the body and hair, but also the environment. The creation and processing of any kind of product have a huge impact on the environment. Everything around is natural. To hinder nature is to hinder mankind. 

If the planet alone suffers, the hair and body eventually tend to get damaged by the kind of products used or applied. It is better to prefer natural and organic hair care products for healthy hair and the planet. 

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Benefits Of Using Natural Hair Oil

Anyone who has used a warm ayurvedic hair oil can only explain the wonderful feeling it offers to the head scalp and hair. The usage of warming the oil before applying is an ancient way method to level up hair health and growth quickly. With daily application of hot oil can do wonders with any kind of scalp or hair issues. It is more like a homemade treatment for any issues related to hair and scalp. 

Let us dive deeper into the benefits harnessed by using natural hair oil. 

1. Massive Hair Growth

Ayurvedic hair oil/natural hair oil is made up of natural substances that are used for centuries to promote hair growth most naturally. One of the major ingredients in an ayurvedic hair oil is Bhringraj, a miraculous herb proven to stimulate hair growth. The other natural substances in Ayurvedic hair oil involve herbs like Hibiscus, Bhringraj, Brahmi, and Amla. 

Traditionally, all of these herbs hold magnificent results for the improvement of scalp health. When added together, the herbs bring in the power of nourishment of the scalp and encouragement of new hair growth. This is the reason natural hair oil is safe, secure, and important to use daily in some or the other way. 

2. Bye Bye Hair Fall

Natural hair oil is a powerful cure for hair fall. It is made up of a blend of different herbs and natural oils to lower hair fall and promote thick hair growth. The major ingredients in an Ayurvedic hair oil are Neem, Bhringaraj, Jatamansi, Amla, and more which help balance healthy hair follicles. 

3. Combats Premature Greying

For hundreds of centuries, natural hair oil has been used in India for healthy and thick black hair. The oils are created from several natural spices, herbs, and plants. Ayurvedic hair oil works as an excellent measure by making the roots of the hair stronger and improvising blood circulation to the scalp. It is beneficial to impede the building of toxins which leads to premature greying. 

Also, it encourages moisturization of the scalp. There is no guaranteed measure to avoid greying hair as it is a natural process. However, applying natural hair oil can slow down the same procedure.


4. No More Split Ends

Using hair oil on the scalp is an age-old therapy for a healthy and glowing beauty ritual. To keep your hair shining, strong, and lustrous, all you need to do is get on your oiling ritual started. Though there are different types of hair oil, mostly, all of them include either the base of sesame oil or coconut oil to deep down nourish the scalp. 

The oils are also filled with numerous spices and herbs that offer various other benefits for the good health of the hair. 

For instance, Brahmi hair oil is used for hair growth, and neem oil is best preferred in the case of dandruff control. All you need to do is apply natural hair oil to the ends of the hair as it is an excellent way to bid adieu to those split ends. The oil is good to lock the moisture, hence, turning the hair follicles less prone to breakage. Natural Ayurvedic hair oil can stop split ends, right away! 

5. Scalp Nourishment

Since hair oiling offers beautiful nourishment to the head and scalp, let alone, the usage of organic hair oil is the icing on the cake. The natural oil goes inside, nourishes, moisturizes relaxes, and delivers healthy nutrients for improvising the health of the hair. 

They safeguard the head from pollutants, UV rays, dirt, germs, and harmful chemicals. A healthy scalp = Protected scalp

6. Fight Against Dandruff

As per Ayurveda, the reason behind sticky dandruff is the imbalanced state of Pitta. Pitta is an integration of fire and water elements that takes care of metabolism and digestion. When Pitta is out of the track, it can level up the oil production, leading to dandruff. 

Ayurvedic hair oil is beneficial in the rebalancing of Pitta by restoration of the scalp’s natural levels of moisture. After massaging the oil on the scalp, it can be left for 25-30 minutes before washing it out with shampoo. It is essential to use mild and natural shampoo as harmful chemicals can aggravate the level of Pitta. With the regular usage of Ayurvedic hair oil, dandruff can be reduced, hence, keeping the scalp levels healthy. 

List Of Natural Hair Oils

Apricot & Carrot Root Hair Oil 

The natural hair oil by Betty Skincare is an integration of apricot oil which is filled with vitamins A, C, and E known for the nourishment of damaged hair. Carrot acts as an antioxidant that has the power of strengthening and regenerating hair. It offers greater elasticity and strength to the hair while adding shine to the same. 

The oil is regarded best for oily, dry, damaged, and hair chemically treated. The oil is filled with minerals and vitamins for restoration in a regular manner with healthy hair.


Betty’s Skincare range is pure and gentle. It is completely free from sulfates, parabens, and alcohol it is 100 % essential oils which are a blend of 100% cold-pressed plant oils. They are home to the extracts of botanical herbs, natural skincare, simple, natural, and wholesome. 

Best For : Dry, frizzy, normal, oily hair. Dandruff, split ends, greying, hair re-growth, excessive hair fall, receding hairline, itchy scalp, boosting volume. 

Grapeseed & Clove Hair Oil 

Grapeseed & Clove hair oil has a presence of grape seed oil which cures a flaky and damaged scalp by promoting healthy skin cell growth. It has a richness of antioxidants, deep conditioning, and vitamin E which lowers hair loss, promotion of healthy, strong hair growth, and building of tissues.


It is best for colored hair, thing, and oil. The oil helps block the production of DHT. DHT is a hair loss hormone. With Betty’s natural range of hair oil, anything can be treated naturally.   

Best For: Normal, oily, colored, thin, dull, excessive hair fall and receding hairline, dandruff, itchy scalp, boost volume, and greying. 

Jojoba & Lavender Hair Oil 

Jojoba & Lavender hair oil is a luxury treat for the hair. It is fuelled with Himalayan deodar, organic aloe vera, Indian gooseberry, hibiscus extract, and various natural ingredients to offer nourishment, and strong, shiny, replenished, and healthy hair. 


It encourages hair growth, free from parabens, petrochemicals, and sulfates. The oil is good for dry and oily hair. It improves tensile strength with the prevention of split ends and breakage. 

Best For: Dry, Normal, oily, Drizzy, damaged, thin, rough, dull hair, receding hairline, split ends, boost volume, itchy scalp, and re-growth of hair. 

Rosemary & Thyme Hair Oil

Rosemary & Thyme hair oil promotion of quality hair growth. The hair oil does prevention of baldness, treats dandruff, and dry scalp, and slows down grey hair. It stimulates and rejuvenates hair follicles by leveling up blood circulation and is effective in the improvement of hair porosity. Hair porosity can absorb the maintenance of moisture and enrichment of good beard growth. 

Rosemary & Thyme Hair Oil

Rosemary and thyme are the two most effective herbs for hair care. Both herbs are filled with antibacterial properties. It fights against dandruff and other types of scalp infections. The oil is home to anti-inflammatory properties which helps with scalp irritation and itching. The fragrance of rosemary is a total refresher and thyme holds a woody fragrance. The combination of the herbs gives an ever-loving aroma leaving energized at all levels. 

Best For: Normal, oily, dry, damaged, colored, dull, thing, rough hair, split ends, excessive hair fall, re-grown hair, itchy scalp, greying, and boosts volume. 

Sea Buckthorn Hair Oil 

Sea Buckthorn hair oil is a natural oil made up of seeds of Sea Buckthorn which is helpful in the stimulation of hair growth and fights off split ends, breakages, and dry scalp. In case, you are looking to secure your hair cells, level up the production of collagen, offer moisture, and provide complete hair nourishment. The hair oil is best if the hair is chemically treated or damaged through color.

Sea Buckthorn Hair Oil

The oil is naturally beautiful which is best to heal damaged hair. The berries of Buckthorn have a presence of antioxidants, phospholipids, and omega. The exotic oil is good for scalp nourishment and the transformation of hair without leaving it greasy. It has only herbal actives like botanical extracts in a wholesome way. 

Best For: Normal, oily, dry, thinning, chemically damaged, colored, dry, or itchy scalp, boosts volume, and greying. 

Chamomile Hair Oil 

Chamomile hair oil is enriched with sweet almonds and chamomile is good for trouble issues of the scalp, restores strength, prevention of inflammation, and dandruff. It makes the hair follicles powerful to reduce hair fall and stimulation healthy hair growth.

Chamomile Hair Oil

The hair oil acts as a sealing and locking-in substance as it is filled with herbal actives. 

Best For: Normal, dry, brittle, colored, dull, thin, and damaged hair. Itchy scalp, dandruff, receding hairline and boosts volume.