Right when thinking of natural skin, there is just one thing that comes to mind. Aloe Vera, right? Readily available, free of cost, soothing, relaxing, 10/10. In terms of skincare ingredients, a lot of elements are ignored and the others are quite hyped. One such ingredient that has gained huge popularity in the natural and cosmetic world is Aloe Vera. Home to every skin cure and remedy!

Looking at an Aloe Vera Moisturizer Cream gives those beach and sunburn feels, right? For centuries Aloe Vera plant is used as a natural medicine and moisturizer for the skin. In the 1930s, the United States used Aloe Vera as a laxative as doctors researched its up-teem cures from severe radiation dermatitis as well.

Come, Let Us Check Out the Deep Meaning of Aloe Vera

What Is Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera is a natural plant used in various skincare and healthcare products. It is a long and thick-shaped plant with thorn-like elements outside the skin. Green in color it has highly healing and soothing properties. The plant has gel inside which is transparent and crystal clear in color. On cutting or tearing it, yellow latex is present.

The plant is powerful enough to be kept in shade or sun, anywhere. It adapts most of the environment as long as it is getting its amount of water. Aloe vera is extremely easy to plant through propagation as well. Holla! You do not need to buy it especially. You can simply ask your neighbor or friend to give you one and fill your lawn with this useful being.

Putting some light on the overall benefits of Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is regarded as one of “The Best” moisturizers for every skin type. Okay. Rare skin, types, way to go!

Simultaneously, it soothes so many more conditions. Let us talk about that-

No worries, if you have been frost bitten, aloe vera gel does wonders in hot and humid water as well. In case your skin is damaged from mild frostbite, then it can help regrow the tissues quickly and encourages healing.

In cases of cold sores, applying a little amount of aloe vera gel on the area many times a day can soothe and calm down the pain. It helps the growth of skin cells faster and reduces the duration of infection.

In the condition of Psoriasis, the skin turns red with scaly patches leading to itchiness and sores. Aloe vera gel does provide relief. Doctors suggest the usage of products with the inclusion of at least 0.5% of aloe vera in it.

Blood Sugar Levels are no more a thing with aloe vera in lawns. If you are a diabetic or have high blood sugar levels, then one glass of aloe vera juice does its work. Say hello to your balanced glucose levels in a few days.

Oral Lichen Planus is a chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease affecting the oral mucosa in the mouth. There are durations of symptomatic remission and exacerbation. As per research, it is suggested to apply aloe vera gel twice a day for several months to slow down the symptoms of oral lichen planus.

Advantages of Aloe Vera for Skin!

There is no show, show. All truth. Aloe vera is a natural healer. The ancients had no technology or science, just nature. Well, that is what nature does. It helps heal. Now, let us check out the advantages of Aloe vera in terms of skincare.

Aloe vera is super best for soothing itching or irritation. It is highly beneficial if added in combination with other calming skincare essentials. A calming range of products will fructify your skin beautifully.

Transepidermal water loss is a condition when skin dehydrates resulting in dryness and inflammation. To relax down the irritation and itchiness in such cases, phytosterol is good. Be it a sunburn, windburn, or prevention of the condition, itself. (it does wonder)

Burns are a barrier to skin hydration and aloe vera is a booster barrier for cooling the skin. The reason behind aloe vera being so hydrating is its water potency. It is almost made and full of water. It includes polysaccharides which are great for hydration and anti-inflammatory.


What is a moisturizer? Moisturizer is a substance applied to the skin to prevent dryness. The way Aloe vera heals every inch of your skin, similarly, it has magical powers to moisturize the skin in the best way possible. Every layer of the skin nourishes with moisturization. Do not wait for your skin to get dry. Use aloe vera and see for yourself.

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Aloe vera extends its benefits beyond acne scars and soothing sunburns. It heals wounds by increasing collagen production of scar tissues and wounds, ultimately, helping the skin heal quickly.

Aloe vera encourages treating breakouts. It helps cure acne breakout as it contains salicylic acid. Holding a moisturizing property makes aloe vera excellent for acne-prone skin, as any moist environment promotes healing. Aloe is extra best for dry skin types as it promotes moistening of dry skin. It also creates a barrier for dry skin to cover makeup, simply.

You do not know how to protect your skin, but, aloe vera does! Yes, that is the best part. Aloe vera protects from skin cancer and prevention of gamma radiation damage plus ultra-violet rays.

Substances called humectants in aloe vera offer moisture to the skin which results in anti-aging effects. Usage of aloe vera as a moisturizer stimulates elastin fibers and collagen and levels up the elasticity of the skin. This implies lesser fine lines and wrinkles.

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Aloe Vera Moisturizer

Betty Skincare’s Aloe Vera Moist is filled with the purity of aloe vera, myrrh moisturizer, the antiseptic qualities of jasmine, relaxing essential oils, and vitamin E. All of this provides nourishment, deep down moisturization, and hydration to the skin. It cures dull, itchy, lifeless, irritated skin to turn happy, lively, and glowy. It is ideal for sensitive, hypersensitive, itchy, and excessively dry skin types. This Aloe vera cream cures dermatitis and treats eczema by reducing deep scars.

Moderation Is The Key

It is better to use everything in the right proportion or let’s say in moderation. Too much usage of aloe vera as a moisturizer can result in excessive dryness or oil. The enzymes present in aloe vera act as exfoliants for the same. Talking about the consumption of aloe vera, the gel or juice when taken empty stomach works best.

Avoid taking it orally, as the same is said to cause diarrhea or stomach cramps.

It is a natural medicine that keeps you away from artificial medicines.

Too much of knowledge, right?

Why Not Take A Look At Some Of The Lesser Known Fun Facts About Aloe Vera. Hop On:

99 % of aloe vera is filled with water. Hence, making it the best hydrating thing. Looking for something to lock moisture in the deep areas of your skin? Worry no more, aloe vera has got you. It keeps your skin secure from cold winds and the dry season. One of the best additions to skincare regimes.

You will be surprised to know aloe vera has approximately 400 species which is too many, right? It is present in two different formations that are barbata and aloe vera. Both the formations are from a similar plant, however, hold a few slight differences making each of them unique in their ways. Aloe vera is sweet, and barbata is bitter. Barbata is known to cure respiratory conditions like bronchitis and asthma.

While we use it for healing health and skin conditions, people in Japan enjoy aloe vera in their yogurt. Sounds new, right? They have been using it as a food product from historical times. People of all ages consume it as a snack. Not just Japan, people from Mexico and Peru also use aloe vera for breakfast and afternoon snacks. Guess how? They use it for creating jams. Love how they JAM with aloe vera.

What is a moisturizer? Moisturizer is a substance applied to the skin to prevent dryness. The way Aloe vera heals every inch of your skin, similarly, it has magical powers to moisturize the skin in the best way possible. Every layer of the skin nourishes with moisturization. Do not wait for your skin to get dry. Use aloe vera and see for yourself.

Well, all of us know what Cleopatra was known for. Beauty and charm. Her personality was in awe of everyone. To keep her beauty intact and ever glowing, she used aloe vera to keep her skin healthy. She even regarded it as a most essential element for any woman out there to maintain their beauty.

Aloe vera is also known as an immortal plant according to ancient Egypt, aloe vera was used by the nationals for the ritual of burial. Queen Cleopatra even added the plant in her body and face beauty products, as believingly, it adds long life to your skin. The plant survives for 100 years even in an adverse or wild environment.

According to research and knowledge of laymen, aloe vera is said to have only skin-healing properties. However, it has some extraordinary properties which help heals chronic pain and respiratory conditions. Aloe vera has cooling elements which are the same as menthol, hence, offering an effective and interesting feature added to its hat.


A lot of people are misguided by its look, itself. Wondering why? Well, look for yourself and you will see it has the looks of a Cactus. Despite growing in the same dry and desert-kind conditions as cactus, it is still miles different. Being a succulent plant, it has fleshy leaves and the same structure as other succulents, so it gives those doubts, sometimes.

The best from the rest part about aloe vera is its brilliant nutritional value. The plant is packed with more than 200 nutrients which keeps the body strong and healthy by reducing inflammation in the skin and respiratory system. It is home to the maximum antioxidants present in any other plant on our planet. It is a highly beneficial addition to any food as it has all the much-needed ingredients.

Aloe vera juice is a highly famous healthy beverage all over the world. Do you know aloe vera gel is safe for human consumption, as well? Its formation does give a bit of chill but it is filled with antioxidants and nutrients which help the body stay healthy. The presence of higher levels of electrolytes makes aloe vera gel a superb choice for even athletes as it gives an energy boost after long hours of workout. It is good for people with chronic fatigue, too.

Aloe vera produces two substances one is latex, and the other is gel. Besides that, it also produces unique compounds during the entire life cycle. The gel structure protects the plant from harsh weather and predators. After a specific stage, aloe vera produces “latex” which holds a self-defense function against people who harm the plant in some or the other way.

One of the craziest things about aloe vera is its ability to alter its form depending upon the needs of your body. It acts as an adaptogen by adapting to the needs and requirements of your body by curing any issue or condition inside. According to some research, it is also said that aloe vera helps lower anxiety and depression by the production of specific compounds in the human brain that promotes relaxation and happiness.

Aloe vera is not just an evergreen succulent but also a perennial plant. It has three main constituents, that is, the external green skin, latex, and mesophyll layer. With the presence of 99% water and other minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and hormones it survives in indoors more. The plant is stemless, thick, fleshy, green in color, best for low rainfall areas, and grows to 60-100 cm. Flowers of aloe vera make it look more beautiful by the production of longer stalks 90 cm long and every flower has a loose yellow tabular corolla. The stalks have light green skin color which is a secret home to the thick gel inside the leaves and meat. After maturation, it is more than 70 nutrients and active compounds.