Oatmeal Face Scrub for Hypersensitive Skin


Alpha Hydroxy Oatmeal Soothing Scrub


Oatmeal Face Scrub for Hypersensitive Skin. It not only brightens and rejuvenates the irritated skin but also helps in treating many skin conditions. It soothes the dry itchy skin and brings back skin luminosity. It has dual UV ray protection.

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Key Ingredients

Muskmelon, Oats


BETTY’s Magic Ingredients: Avena Byzantian C Koch 25% and Cucum Melo 10%
Other Ingredients: Anethum Sowa 5%, Cucumis Sativus 5%, Oryza Sativa 5%, Vigna Mungo 10%, Coriandrum Sativum 10%, Apium Graveoiens 10%, Lens Culinaries 10%, Prunus Amygdalus 10%

Who Should Use

Best for:Normal, dry, combination, excessive dry, hyper-hyper sensitive skin, tan-prone,patchy, rash-prone skin. Open pores, discoloration, premature fine lines, wartz, deep scars, dark circle, neck line. Detanning Ability


Smooth on a generous layer of this antioxidant enriching Scrub by making a paste with wider & recommended juice to bright up face or neck. Let this detoxifying cleanser work for 3-5 min. Rinse off right away if any irritation noticed.


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