Blush Rose Toner

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Hydrating Soothing Mist for Dry Dull Skin



The Blush Rose toner has the time-tested benefits of rose oil along with saffron and marigold which is extremely hydrating, soothing, and refreshing for the skin. A rejuvenating astringent that removes impurities while reducing pores. This Blush Rose Toner for dry skin is a perfect blend for dull, patchy skin, with deep-rooted scars. Betty’s Blush Rose Toner for face has calming properties and can be utilized as an all-natural skin toner. Our Blush Rose Toner spray for face and neck helps eliminate dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from your face. It will detoxify skin, improve complexion, and tighten open pores with the goodness of saffron and marigold.

Rose oil has anti-inflammatory properties, assists with hydrating dry skin reduces breakouts and signs of aging along with minimizing the appearance of deep-rooted scars. Saffron is known as a natural ingredient for reducing pigmentation, brown spots, and other skin blemishes. Marigold had antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that make it useful in healing rashes, and skin infections keeping your skin clear, glowing, and youthful.

Other Details on Blush Rose Toner:

~ BETTY’s Magic Ingredients: Rose (Rosa Centifolia) and Marigold (Tagetes Erecta)
~ Other Ingredients: Saffron (Crocus Sativus)
~ Best Use for: Normal to dry to excessively dry skin and sensitive skin. Tan-prone skin, blemishes and pigmentation, warts, premature lines, aged skin, open pores, deep scars, rashes, discoloration, patches, dark circle,s and neck lines.
~ Directions: Shake to activate the mist and mattifying oils. Pump the toner 3 to 4 times directly on the face or palm/cotton pad and then apply on the face. Let it dry naturally or wipe with a cotton ball. Apply 4-5 times a day for radiance & a soothing experience.

~ Best before: Six months from the date of manufacture. Needs to be refrigerated in temperature above 40.

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Key Ingredients

Marigold, Rose


100ml, 200ml

3 reviews for Blush Rose Toner

  1. nidhi mishra

    Using it for mixing the dry ubtans of Betty skk care..and it works wonderful on your skin acts as a base …I am happy with this toner

  2. Shivani Chowdhary

    A very refreshing toner to keep ur skin soft as rose petals

  3. Shivani Chowdhary

    A very refreshing toner. Mixed with Betty’s ubtans, it works like magic..,clear, flawless skin.

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