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We manufacture natural oil for colic baby. This is 100% organic, safe and suitable for babies with plant derived essential oils. This light, non-greasy colic oil soothes and relieves digestion pain by helping the digestive system. This colic oil is suitable for the sensitive skin of new babies. It has strong pain soothing properties and also helps in improving digestion.

Why Should You Choose Betty’s Oil For Colic Baby?

Because BETTY’s Natural baby care products range is very gentle; and our Colic Baby oil is free from Alcohol, Sulfates or Parabens. 100% pure therapeutic essential oils, blended in cold-pressed plant oils. Contains only herbal actives – pure botanical extracts in a natural skin and earth-friendly base, simple, natural & wholesome. Authentic Ayurvedic Range

  • Who should use: An appropriate oil for all skin types for colic baby stomach discomfort.
  • Directions of use: Pour a few drops of oil on palm and massage on baby’s tummy in a clock wise motion. This will relieve pain in 10 minutes. (If you believe your child’s tummy trouble may be due to more serious health problem, see a healthcare provider)
  • BETTY’s Magic Ingredients: Ginger and Fennel
  • Other Ingredients: Almond, Lavender, Orange, Black Cumin, Chamomile, Mint

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