Aura Cleanser Spray



This is an aroma therapeutic aura cleanser spray / aura mist which is loaded with pure roses, de stressing and rejuvenating essential oil to disintegrate negative energy around you that refreshes whenever you’re tired, frazzled or overworked. Whether it’s just been a busy day or you’re emotionally depleted, this fragrant mist will fortify your emotional strength, so you’re better equipped to cope with life’s ups and downs. To restore energy levels, alleviate stress & help rediscover emotional well-being.

  • Who Should Use Aura Mist: Anyone who looks to attract good energies to brings goodness and happiness to self and family. Stressed bodies must try.
  • Directions of use: Shake to activate the aura cleanser spray and mattifying oils. Spray mist directly all over your body like a Deo. Spray in your rooms & work place to disintegrate negative energies & attract positive & divine energies.
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