Aloe Vera Hair Gel

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Revitalizing Deep Nourishing  Hibiscus & Aloe VeraHair Gel


We manufacture the best aloe vera hair Gel in India that provides extra nourishment to hair follicles, prevents hair breakage, protects from heat and controls fizz. Its rich antioxidants repair damage while giving smooth, glossy, and bouncy hair. Penetrates hair shafts better and prevents them from narrowing down by controlling the hormone DTH.

The aloe vera is the powerful ally that you were searching for a hair more beautiful and healthy. And is that for centuries it has been proven that it works as an incredible beauty ingredient capable of combating multiple problems, not only on the skin but also on the hair!

On the one hand, its composition is 99% water; and on the other, the vitamins A, B, C, and E that make it up, make aloe vera the ideal ingredient to promote maximum hydration and complete hair regeneration. Not for nothing has it become one of the most recurrent solutions for those looking for softer, longer, more hydrated hair and full of vitality!

The benefits of aloe vera for hair beauty do not stop there, there are many other attributes that this wonderful plant possesses and which you can easily assert yourself through a wide variety of products such as shampoos, conditioners, masks, and sprays. moisturizers; benefits that after knowing them will be completely surprising to the degree that you want to put them to the test, now!

  • ~ Hydrates deeply: Therefore, aloe vera will help prevent constant dryness and therefore prevent dandruff or annoying split ends.
  • ~ Eliminates excess sebum: Helping you to enjoy lighter and cleaner hair, making it look with greater volume, especially in the area of ​​the roots.
  • ~ Prevents hair loss and stimulates growth: Yes! The aloe vera is perfect to prevent falling hair and the help that nutrients readily penetrate strengthens each follicle of the hair less likely to fall and making them stimulating a much longer mane.
  • ~ Provides greater shine: Another benefit of aloe vera or aloe? You will definitely forget about dry and dull hair! Its nutrients help to achieve a much deeper cleaning and complete absorption of nutrients, leaving your hair free of impurities.

Additional information

Key Ingredients

Aloe, Hibiscus



How of Use

Apply Aloe & Hibiscus Hair Nourishing Gel evenly on scalp and hair strands. Leave for 30 minutes before rinsing off.

Who Should Use

People who have normal, oily, dry, frizzy, damaged, rough, colored, chemically treated, dull, and thin hair. Hair fall, excessive hair fall, split ends, receding hairline, dandruff, itchy scalp, hair re-growth, greying and volume-boosting.


Aloe Barbadensis 50% and Hibiscus Rosasinensis 10%, Hippophae 5%, Rosmarinus Officinalis 10%, Vitis Vinifera 5%, Zizzyphus Sativa 5%, Olea Europea 10% Hibiscus Ark 5%

11 reviews for Aloe Vera Hair Gel

  1. viraj.nangia

    I am in awe of this product!! i am too lazy to oil my hair n this wonder gel is not messy and gives life to hair. Just 10 mins before shower does wonders w/o greasing my hands.

  2. Jasmine Kaur

    If you love your skin and hair, must try these products once.. amazing results with in few weeks.. no need of makeup and you can face world with confidence

  3. Jasmine Kaur

    I am IT professional, so i hardly get time to care about my hair like to do oiling i perfer to use this amazing product during weekdays.

  4. Devvrat

    Best for scalp problems, Nourishing.. Repair my damage hair.. 👍

  5. Tejinder

    I am using it as a sunday hair care regime.just massage on the scalp, leave it for a couple of hours and wash it. Could actually feel soft, moisturised and silky hair.. i would say just use it and know the difference

  6. Megha

    Aloe Vera hair gel is full of antioxidants and has deep penetrating effects. A wonder product for anyone who has oily mane and frizzy hair.

  7. Kanika gupta

    Affordable product with great qualities one must purchase it…simply amazing in application easy in utilization with light fragnance…gives you all benfits of oiling..but less tedious as compared to it

  8. PRIYANKA Chug

    Adds volumes and shine to the hair

  9. Divya.

    Aloe vera hibiscus hair gel–
    If you dry scalp and frizzy hair or other problem then use this gives us healthy and shinning hair…i love this product.!!

  10. Jasleen Bindra

    Nourishing gel for scalp
    Without much hassle gives u al the bedenits of oiling…
    Simply awesome…!!!
    Great pik for working women

  11. Vandana Arora

    Aloe and Hibiscus Hair gel is such a heavenly product from Betty’s Skin Care that it acts as a rescue for all hair issues. It is soft with fresh aroma. The gel merges well in the scalp providing all nutrition that it is starved of. I had ordered one for myself but now my entire family is using it. This gel is unique and the likes of it are not available anywhere. Having tried so many hair care products by leading brands, now my search is over at Betty’s Skin Care.

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