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Our Almond Face Mask is a protein-enriched cleansing face mask for the Neck and Face that has the enticing goodness of Almond mixed with the purity of sandalwood which will revitalize and replenish your skin while fighting stubborn skin problems like, dullness, premature lines, loose skin, and dark patches.

It will also exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells to make it look out supple & invigorated.

The benefits of Almond Nourishing Face Mask for Dry, Oily, and Normal Skin. Almond is rich in proteins, fiber, and minerals, almonds are among the most beneficial dried fruit for our health. The benefits of the Almond Face Mask that almond can bring to our body are varied: it reduces the sense of hunger, increases metabolism, is anti-anemic, anti-diabetic, and antioxidant.

But not only that, because almonds are a real cure-all for our skin too, the large amount of vitamin E fights free radicals and prevents oxidation and – among its most essential functions – reduces sun damage and improves skin complexion skin.

Other Details on Almond Face Mask:

~ BETTY’s Magic Ingredients: Amygdalus Communis 50% and Santalum Album 10%.
~ Other Ingredients: Curcuma Longa 5%, Oryza Sativa 10%, Lens Culinaris) 20%, Crocus Sativus 5%.
~ Best Use for: Oily, normal, dry, hypersensitive, acne-prone, patchy and tanned skin, dark circles, deep scars, warts, neck line, rash, redness, premature lines, open pores, black and whiteheads, and discoloration.
~ Directions: Smooth on a generous layer of this antioxidant enriching mask by making a paste with wider & recommended juice to brighten up the face or neck. Let this detoxifying Almond Face Mask work for 3-5 min. Rinse off right away if any irritation noticed.

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Key Ingredients

Almond, Sandalwood



1 review for Almond Nourishing Face Mask

  1. nidhi mishra

    Bought it for my a evening face perfect on mature and dry skin..very nice product…

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