What Is Feed The Soul?

Feed The Soul is a non-profit organization which is founded by Mrs. Lakshmi Dhevi, an engineer turned spiritual trainer.

It all started when Mrs. Lakshmi was introduced to her guru. She was experiencing an undeniable back ache which was unordinary. This made her study and do some of the spiritual and healing courses as guided. That is when the course of her life changed. She never thought of leaving her high-paying engineering job which she was doing for more than 10-15 years now.

Finally, she did!

She completed all the courses, left her job, became an energy healing trainer, and soon a senior Arhatic trainer.

Now, she was on a different mission. A mission to change lives. Change lives by helping them heal.

Not just that, coming from a South Indian abackground, she observingly saw most of the healing trainers around the South. That is when she “CHOSE”. She chose to shift to North India and spread all her learnings over, here.

To empower, help, and heal souls.
After being and trainer under her guru for more than 15 years, Mrs. Lakshmi Dhevi created “Feed The Soul”, an NGO to help give fuel to everyone’s soul.

Energy Healing

Feed The Soul is mainly a collective of healers, trainers, and meditators who are constantly working with the beautiful idea of bringing heaven to earth. 

Heaven on Earth, here, refers to bringing Balance. 

  • Balance In Self 
  • Balance In Nature 
  • Balance On Earth 
  • Balance On Mankind 
  • Balance In Society 
  • Balance Everywhere around… 

The idea is to aspire to and propagate a happy and healthy lifestyle amongst people by including energy healing techniques, and feed the soul meditations step by step to move ahead beautifully, in life. 

What Does Feed The Soul Bring To The Table?

It brings along the table the measures of absolute contribution to the evolution of mankind and hence the restoration of actual peace, calmness, and harmony, for people and by people.

After all, “We are all ONE”.
What Is The Meaning Of Healing Energy?

As all of us know that each one of us has the power of healing inside us. In case, you get sick after a few days you naturally recover back. It is just a period that makes you go down and come back up, slowly.

That is called the body’s natural urge for healing. Our bodies are designed in a way that they can heal back easily and simply. We can transmute the sick energies into healthier, ones.

Since we are all filled with healing energies, there are times when we are not able to gain healing on our own. That’s when FTS gives you a hand. A human helping another human is just an earthly duty, right?

So, why not join hands to give everyone around us a touch of healing energy, wherein, FTS is a completely no-drug, no-touch, and complementary healing module?

What is Energy? 

In practical terms, when we breathe in and out, a particular amount of energy is inhaled and exhaled, simultaneously. The same is referred to as energy. It is not just the inhalation and exhalation process which is called energy. However, everything around us is energy. 

We are made of certain energies. You can create energy. Humans create energy through thoughts. Emotions can multiply energy. And, guess what your actions give the energy-momentum. 

In fact, the words you are reading right now carry a certain kind of energy. 

energy healing 2

Types Of Energy Healings

Energy healing is an alternative and complementary medicine that took birth from the belief that vital energy flows throughout the human body. Energy healing aims to balance the flow of energy in the patient. 

How does a patient turn ill?

A patient turns ill due to imbalances of energy in their body. To balance this energy, the practice of healing energy is followed. The practice is used for the reduction of anxiety, stress, pains, and the promotion of healthy well-being. 

Energy healing is an age-old traditional healing system for the restoration of balance and flows in the whole mind, body, and soul. The technique works in the direction of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being of a human. It is used for the treatment of different medical conditions, especially the ones which are concerning emotional and mental health. 

It focuses on finding the root cause of the illness by addressing the disturbed energy flow in the body. As per the belief, the energy flow gets stagnant which can be dynamically moved and healed through energies.

In the current era, there are kinds of energy healing measures followed by different people from different traditions. The measures work in their separate manners to heal humans. 

1 – Pranic Healing 

Pranic healing is using the life force of the body to heal the energy body and consequently heal the physical, mental, and emotional body. 

Majorly, healing works on the energy of the body or the aura of a human being. The process includes the cleaning of the negative energies from the body and adding new healing energy for amplifying healthy vital forces in the body. 

2 – Crystal Healing 

Crystals and stones are magical healers. Where do they come from? Under the grounds 😉 The crystals and stones are used as a healing process to completely draw out all the impure substances from the body.

These magicians work in a different manners in the body and target various types of physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. Their goal is to repel out the negative energy from the body which usually sits and hinders physical and mental well-being. energy health 3 compressed

3 – Reiki Healing 

The word “Reiki” originates from two Japanese words wherein, “Rei” refers to “God’s wisdom” and “Ki” refers to “Energy”. Reiki therapy is offered to people accompanied by traditional medicines for curing illnesses. Here energy is used for helping the unhealed. 

Many hand movement techniques and particular symbols are used for channelizing the energy of the universe to help heal the body. Reiki cures ailments like flu, colds, stomach ache, and headache. Considerably, it is quite effective for curing serious diseases like heart issues. 

4 – Quantum Healing 

Quantum healing therapy is based on the principles of entertainment and resonance. The levels of energy in the body are amplified by visualization of energy flow and breathing techniques. 

It is not just a spiritual method but also has a direct positive effect on the immune system of human bodies. 

5 – Qigong Therapy 

Qigong therapy is used for regaining back the lost balance of the body. The history of Qigong therapy moves back 4000 years back, where it comprises coordinating movements of the body accompanied by meditation and breathing. 

The same is inculcated for the stimulation of good health and spirituality. The roots of the therapy come from Chinese medicine which balances the positive energy of the body and helps stay healthy. 

Basic Things About Energy Healing

Energy healing is also known as energy medicine. It comes from the pseudo-scientific premise which states that the human body is home to a life force energy and different types of energy centers are chakras. These chakras keep the cells of the body healthy, functioning, and alive. 

Energy healing is a holistic wellness practice where healers channel energy from the life force universes into the patient for balancing, healing, and removing the blockages from the body. The natural balance, flow, harmony, and vitality of the body can be maintained and restored with this holistic treatment. 

energy healing 4

Energy medicine involves different healing modalities which are discussed in the below section.

Mainly, it is the energy body that has a highly essential role to play in the well-being of the journey. 

Let us read out the five points below to help us understand the same. 

  1. Energy Healing Holds Scientific Facts

Who doesn’t knows? Every little thing in the universe consists of molecules that vibrate at different frequencies. The presence of molecules in our bodies is continuously radiating and vibrating positive or negative energies, balanced or unbalanced, and closed and opened frequencies.

Whenever our organs are out of alignment in an energetic sense and radiate low vibrational frequency, it can be materialized into physical ailments such as diseases, sickness, and pains. 

  1. Heal Physical & Emotional Trauma 

Our energy bodies are interconnected with our physical bodies. Any kind of trauma we carry at a physical, mental, or emotional level impact the functionality of the energy systems which are again called chakras. For the maintenance of good vibrant health, the body needs energy to gain energetic space to flow smoothly through the body. 

When the energies get blocked or stagnant due to toxins, trauma, and muscular constrictions, it leads to disturbances in the energy flow of our body. This, in time, results in the contribution of emotional ailments, mental issues, and physical diseases. 

  1. Anyone Can Access Energy Healing 

There are many misconceptions about how energy healing is only for the sensitive. Or, you need to be spiritual for energy healing measures. In practicality, anyone who has faith and is willing to receive the healing energies from the universe is great to go. 

Being humans, we have energy bodies that need to be balanced and fed with the right measures regularly. Some of the energy healings transcend space and time. Hence, you do not need to be located in the same city, room, or country to receive the healing treatment. All you need to do is be receptive to the energies being sent by your healer.

energy healing 5

  1. No Pain, Only Gains 

Energy healing is a painless process and does not have any side effects. During the process of healing, patients do not feel any physical discomfort. The majority of healing sessions consist of patients lying down on the bed or sitting and chanting some mantras. 

This, in turn, makes it easier for the energy healer to send the treatment beautifully. They do is by assessing and accessing their auras, removing the energy blockages from the body. 

With the release of blockages, slowly the chakras start getting balanced and the patient feels a sense of openness and happiness. Sometimes with the release of certain energies, there can be an evoking of different emotions such as anger, sadness, emptiness, or lightheadedness. 

This happens when the deeply embedded trauma or the attachments or frustrations are finally released from the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic body. It is important to allow the body, mind, and soul to accept the trauma which is released during the energy healing treatment and fill up the space with light, new, and healing energies. 

  1. Energy Medicine Works With Every Healing Practice 

Energy healing therapy is used for the treatment of different health conditions and complements different forms of therapies and treatments. A combination of holistic therapies, such as Pranic healing can be complemented with conventional health treatments for optimization of the health and well-being. 

“No one size fits all” phrase is used when it comes to healing as everybody is different. Having said that, energy healing does not replace the modern medicine system and vice versa. 

However, every different type of healing practice, measure, and therapy work in tune with the effective balance, support, restoration, curing, and repairing of our body. 

Are you ready to heal yourself deeply at a soul level? 

Why not get in touch with us and help you achieve the best? 

Healing is not easy. Healing is not difficult. Healing is not straight. Healing is all the way going up and down through life with a smile on your face. 

Let us smile together!