Hairfall Thinning Treatment

Experiencing hair fall and not finding a suitable product or ingredient that can solve this problem? Start with any of these Essential oils embedded Hair Oils:

  • ~ Chamomile & Sweet Almond Hair Oil
  • ~ Apricot & Carrot Root Hair Oil
  • ~ Jojoba & Lavender Hair Oil
  • ~ Grapeseed & Clove Hair Oil
  • ~ Rosemary & Thyme Hair Oil
  • ~ Sea Buckthorn Hair Oil

Each of these combinations treats hair fall, itchy dandruff eroded scalps. Treats limp dull dry frizzy hair. Promotes healthy voluminous lustrous happy hair.

  • ~ Scalp Stimulating Hair Gels
  • ~ Aloe Hibiscus Hair Gel
  • ~ Jojoba & Tea Tree Scalp Gel

Both these Hair Gels are a hot favorite of all our clients. As they nourish the scalp, feeding the hair follicles, promotes regrowth.

  • ~ Soften chemically treated hair.
  • ~ Go ahead with fashion colors
  • ~ Go ahead with smoothening


Why You Should Be Applying These Oils & Gels

They are jam-packed with essential proteins, B-complex vitamins, and minerals, that can curb hair loss and stimulate the growth of new hair. Applying any of these hair oils & Aloe Hibiscus Hair Gel / or Hair Stimulate Jojoba hair Gel regularly can add volume to your hair and improve their texture.

If you have a dream of getting healthy, long, and voluminous tresses, you must add these hair oils to your beauty regime.

Betty Home Tip

Every Sunday or even twice a week add an Egg white to any one of our Potent hair oil or gel ( we will guide you with what to pick, after knowing your internal conditions)

We understand that slathering raw eggs on your hair is a bit off-putting, you won’t have any second thought about their use after knowing the benefits and how this potent combination can transform your dull thin limp hair to gleaming voluminous hair with a renewed hair growth.

Best Regards: Betty Nangia

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