Frizzy Hair Solution

Almost all of us battle frizz. But even when you use anti-frizz products, sometimes nothing seems to work on those scorching-hot summer days.

One possible reason for a product fail? Waiting too long to apply it post-shower, which allows fuzz to start forming, especially in a steamy bathroom.

Another factor: Just as plant roots travel toward the nearest source of water in the soil, your hair reaches for the nearest source moisture in the air. The effect is a head full of frizz that can ruin even the best beauty look.

While you can’t zap the moisture out of the air on a humid summer’s day, you can apply enough moisture to your hair so it doesn’t have to search for it elsewhere.

We at betty Skincare understand these hair problems and have formulated products such as chamomile and sweet almond hair oil, apricot and carrot root hair oil and Sea buckthorn hair oil.

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