Importance of Moisturizer For Oily Skin

It is a wrong notion that oily skin does not require moisturization.. Moisturizers offer the necessary hydration to skin, which is different from oiliness.

~ Moisturization is A Boon For Oily Skin
~ Battles Wrinkles
~ Dehydrated skin can gather wrinkles and lead to untimely maturing.

Moisturization helps keep the skin smooth and supple forms a Defensive Layer and Other skincare items in your routine may tend to dry out your skin.

Moisturization acts as a soft, defensive layer under your ever-increasing number of makeup and other products.

~ Leaves No Itchy Feeling
~ Remember that tight feeling you get in your skin after washing.

Moisturization hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling soft throughout the day and Controls Acne. Dry skin can clog up your pores. Moisturizers help in unclogging them and control the excess creation of sebum.

Betty Skincare has formulated a number of moisturizers and gels specifically for oily and acne prone skin such as Aloe Vera Moisturizer Cream For Face

For best results, follow complete steps:  Cleansing, Toning and Moisturization

We at Betty’s offer two steps in moisturization of skin > Gel & Creme  (Ideally Moisturization should follow Tonning and Tonning should follow Cleansing.)

Fix a free online BEAUTY Consultancy with Betty Nangia.

December is our Founder Month > We ” Betty’s Holistic & Skin Care ” complete 20 years of practice this month .

Betty’s Skin Care Was formally launched on 12 th December 2009 With 70 products. Today we have  More than 112 AYURVEDIC AUTHENTIC RANGE and a long list of Happy Happy clients all over India & Overseas

Why you choose Betty’s Skin Care:> Becuause we offer all Naturals, No added paraben and No sulphate

A Personalised skin care range is designed for your specific skin hair concerns. We add certain dietary changes too and to o bring a deep change from within

We are sharing some moisturizers for a oily skin

~ Blush Chamomile– *Normal to Oily > (Skin clearance & Patchy dull skins find an effective solution with this creme)
~ Carrot Care Moist – *Normal to Oily > (The Age Defying creme & skin clearance – Day Creme)
~ Orange Care Moist – *Normal to Oily > (Pigmentated skins, Scars and Complexion enhancement)

An effective night creme

~ Excessive Oily Skins
~ Patchouli Gel,
~ Dull Patchy Scarred skins

Jojoba & Tea Tree Gel*, for Anti aging Pigmentated skins, Deep scars Pimples and Fine lines

Sandal & Lavender Gel*, for  Matured skin, Blemished Skin and Dull & Patchy

Maintaining a skin after 35 ❤️ But we would advise to consult us before using any products as each product is specific in it’s usage and is based on individual skin requirement. Feel free to get in touch with us and we will book you a free of cost consultation with our founder Betty Nangia .

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