Anti Cellulite Oil

An effective treatment which will burn down cellulite, this mixture boosts more like a diuretic essential oil and it boosts the flow of your blood an lymph . This oil is going to reduce swelling , water retention and puffiness . The Natural Retinol ( Vitamin E) content tightens and leaves a radiant glow

How to use for best results- massage gently in circular motion for 15 mins . If you bathe after 30 minutes of application

•you will be relived from stress and also burn down cellulite.
•The oil improves circulation, removes toxins and balances your body for youthful radiance .
•Each essential when blended in a particular ratio has a specific role to play
•tones skin
•reduces appearance of accumulated fat.
•Black pepper tones muscles an better circulation.
•It’s the perfect ingredient to remove toxins and cleaning pores .
•Apricot kernel oil penetrates into your skin and reduces stress and inflammation .
•Mandukparni boosts our collagen which improves the elasticity of skin



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