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10 Natural Tips for Winter Skin Care By: Betty Nangia
On: January 19, 2021

Stay hydrated. By keeping your body hydrated, your skin will naturally follow suit. If you have a hard time remembering to sip your H2O, learn to make a habit out of it by setting a reminder in your phone or even try something silly—like taking a sip every time you glance at the digital clock and the last digit is an odd-number.

Swap your moisturizer. Use a rich, oil-based moisturizer during the winter months. This will help seal water in your skin and will keep it more moisturized than water-based face lotions. As always, choose organic and know your ingredients!

Munch on veggies. Cucumbers and celery naturally contain a lot of water—which makes them a perfect snack when you’re trying to keep yourself and your skin hydrated. Orange and yellow veggies, like sweet potatoes, carrots, red peppers and pumpkin, are great for your skin due to the antioxidant, beta-carotene. And to boost your consumption of vitamins A, B and E, as well as your iron and omega-3s, add some spinach and other dark leafy greens to your plate.

Avoid chemical-filled soaps. Not only is your skin your largest organ but it’s highly permeable—meaning that what you put on your skin is likely going into your body and bloodstream. Plus, antibacterial soaps, skin care products containing alcohol and fragrance-filled soaps strip your skin of natural oils. Choose natural, organic soaps and avoid fragrances, instead choose essential oils.

Turn down the heat. It feels great to slip into a tub of hot water in the winter, but some of us have the habit of overdoing it a bit with the temperature of our H2O. The heat of the water mixed with your soap depletes the natural oils on your skin, which will cause it to dry out faster. If you get out of the shower and your skin is red and itchy, this is a sign that the water is drying out your skin.

Dab on some coconut oil. Virgin organic coconut oil serves as a highly effective product for skin care. Coconut oil fights free radical damage, possibly due to its high levels of ferulic and p-coumaric acid, and its natural antioxidant properties keep your skin looking youthful.

Sip pomegranate juice. This bright red fruit is packed with polyphenol antioxidants which not only fight free radicals but studies have shown that they may prevent cell aging.

Gently exfoliate. As the body ages, its natural ability to regenerate new layers of skin slows down. Gentle exfoliation will slough off old skin cells and reveal fresh, glowing skin. We have an amazing range of all natural scrubs which are mild and gentle and can be used on a daily basis for removing the dead skin cells on the surface layer of the skin like the Carrot Root Banana Face Scrub, Carrot Ultra Soothing Soft Face Scrub,  and Cherry and Peaches Soft Face Scrub etc.

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Betty Skincare – All-natural, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free brand By: Betty Nangia
On: January 18, 2021

Betty’s Skin Care is an all-natural, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free brand which manufactures all Natural skin & hair care products. Betty Nangia, our founder, with experience of over two decades, also loves to advise clients with her wonderful and super effective skin & hair home remedies treatments. As we believe that both go hand in hand.

In case you desire just some home remedies, you are welcome to fix a VC free online appointment with Betty Nangia. Beauty Expert & Founder at “Betty’s Skin Care “as we believe that each person’s body and skin type is different. So it would demand a remedy according to your individual skin type.

We share with you many simple home remedies to handle your skin hair issues.

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And ask your questions… and our founder Betty Nangia will answer all your questions individually.

Create beautiful clear skin & healthy beaming hair using simple home remedies & Incase home remedies do not work Betty’s Skin Care range will certainly help you in the most natural way.

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Betty’s Face Mask: Are They Good For My Skin? By: Betty Nangia
On: January 14, 2021

What is better than amazing makeup? An excellent base for it in terms of your own skin. Of lately, face masks have become increasingly popular.  Why? because they allow targeted skincare and deep action. However, not all the available masks may be the best solution for your skin. And thus, we recommend you to take up a short quiz to help us understand the specific needs of your skin to provide you with the best possible solution..

Due to excessive pollution, stress, tiredness, and temperature changes, our complexion can sometimes become dull. It is the sign that it is time to buy Betty’s Skin Care Face Mask which helps in restoring brightness and glow to the skin! Not only this, our face masks have been scientifically curated so as to seep deep into your skin to provide long term benefits as well.

The benefits of Betty’s Skincare Face Mask

Our face masks make use of an all-natural ingredient range by which we have been successful in coming up with personalized skincare solutions to cater to your own specific skin needs. There has been a proven impact on the skin’s quality and appearance which has resulted in the success of our face masks.

Our masks have proven to erase the worn or tired appearance of the skin while deflating the bags under the eyes, reducing dark circles, and restoring a bright complexion to dull skin within a few minutes.

Our masks help in revitalizing the tired dull skin after a sleepless night or a tiring day. Why should you wait for a Sunday to pamper your skin when our face masks can be used regularly as well!

The masks create an occlusion that promotes penetration: the skin is immersed in a bath of active ingredients!

As far as our sleeping masks are concerned, these can be left on the face overnight. However, our masks have been proven to provide immediate benefits to the skin as well.

What are the benefits of face masks? And which is the most suitable mask for my skin?

Mask for oily skinMask for dry skin?

You need to know your skin type, and it needs to choose the right facial treatment.

Dry, fragile, or mature skin will have to focus on a cream-based mask to replenish the water level of the skin which is reserved by the epidermis while pulling back the skin and adding a Botox-like firm skin to make it more elastic and reduce wrinkles.

For mixed and oily skin, however, it is preferable to opt for a purifying mask that eliminates impurities, thin the grain of the dead skin and dull the skin.

For stressed skin, adopt for our signature the gel masks, which refreshes the under-eye area, relieves it of puffines,s and reduces dark circles.

Those with a dull complexion can apply an illuminating mask to eliminate tiredness, improve the complexion, and give the best base to put on makeup.

Face mask: instructions for use

Clean and gently exfoliate the skin before applying the mask. Then, to amplify the effects of the mask, steam your face so as to open up the pores. After a few minutes, apply the mask generously, avoiding the eye area.

The idea is to let it act on your skin –for about ten minutes -. Remove the excess with paper towels

Finish by rinsing with warm water. You will experience that your skin is beautiful and youthful. The complexion regains its splendor; the skin is hydrated and revitalized!

And what skin do you have? Take the 1-minute skin test! ->

How to make the skin glowing in the winter months. By: Betty Nangia
On: January 13, 2021

It’s never easy to accomplish the dewy, hydrated, just-got-back-from-a-trip-to-Fiji glow — but it’s next to impossible when you have the cold, winter air working against you. Not only can the cold air and wind themselves strip your skin of any signs of moisture, but artificial heat from your heater can as well. There are several ways to ensure glowing and youthful skin in the harsh winter months. Some of them are:

Overnight Hydration Masks

We all love the benefits of the occasional sheet mask, but overnight masks are a whole different ball game: the benefits of a mask — but after being on your skin all night, instead of for 10 minutes.

Yes, please. Using a hydrating overnight mask a couple of times a week can help bring your skin back to life.

Moisturize with Oils

Adding oils to your skincare routine can be super beneficial year-round, but particularly in the winter. Oils help to keep moisture in the skin while helping to keep toxins out.

Ditch the hot showers

As tempting as it can be to come in from the cold and hop in a piping hot shower or bath, it can lead to dry, flaking skin — especially if your skin is already on the dry side. Dermatologists advise taking lukewarm showers instead (at about 98 degrees).

Keep up with your SPF

When the temperature is below 0 with a wind chill of -40 (if you don’t live in Chicago you might not be able to relate — lucky you), one of the last things on your mind is putting on SPF before you head out the door in the morning.

But, the sun can still do damage — no matter how cold it is outside — which can add to the dryness. Make sure you’re still putting on protection during all 12 months of the year, no matter how unnecessary it might feel.

Water, water, water

It feels like everyone’s been on the gallon-a-day water kick for years now, but remembering to drink your water is especially important when you have dry, winter skin, as it can help you hydrate from the inside out.

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Natural Skincare Products Effectiveness of Natural Skincare By: Betty Nangia
On: December 18, 2020

We all live bombarded by marketing claims, advertisements, and glorification of youth. Extreme methods to change our faces and bodies are commonplace today, from hair straighteners to skin bleaching to deep skin peels. Over 10,500 unique chemical ingredients are used in personal care products to accomplish the goal of beauty.

With an increase in the awareness of the people and shifting of preferences from chemical based to natural skincare, it is important for us to decipher the real meaning of natural products and to understand how they benefit our skin. It’s important for all of your skincare to be natural for your overall health, but the benefit of using natural  skincare is that these provide your skin with the purest form of the ingredient on the market.

We rarely know what they do to manufacture these chemical based products, and yet we buy them in the hopes of enhancing ourselves. The unfortunate answer is that often they subtly harm our health instead, through allergic reactions, skin irritations, disruption of our hormones, and even causing cell mutation and cancer in the long run.

Why should you choose Betty Skincare natural products?

Natural products use nontoxic ingredients that work with the human body instead of against it. Natural ingredients are rich and healthy vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and lots of other good chemistry, just like the healthy foods you can eat each day. Not only are these ingredients safe, but they are also bioavailable, meaning our bodies know how to digest, build, and heal with them.

This is the reason at Betty Skincare we make natural products are made of ingredients which have been sourced from nature, they are safe to be used on the skin, with minimal skin damage even in the long run. The products that our brand Betty Skincare put out for our customers have undergone tremendous amount of research and tests to check for their effectiveness.

Betty Skincare being a natural brand produces Cruelty-Free and vegan products with no added chemical preservatives which makes them almost a 100% chemical free. These products are like our babies, made with care after lots of natural experiments by Betty Nangia (Beauty Expert & Creator of Betty’s Skin Care Products).

So get your hands on our amazing natural products and radiate the best version of your skin. If you need any help related to skincare, haircare or body care you can directly contact us at + 91 988 840 8040

Importance of Oiling Hair By: Betty Nangia
On: December 11, 2020

One of the most ignored practices in our modern hectic lifestyle is hair oiling. While we may still manage to find time for our fitness and nutrition, we often forget about the health of our hair and scalp.

This may lead to excess hair fall, premature greying, damaged hair, and other such issues. If these problems are not taken care of at the right time, they might even lead to permanent hair damage as well.

Although regular hair oiling may not be the only solution to all these issues, it does provide essential minerals and nutrients to promote healthy hair growth. So, let us look at the importance of hair oiling.

Just like our body needs proper care and nutrition to stay fit, our hair and scalp also need good care and nourishment in order to stay healthy and stimulate proper hair growth.

We may have even heard our grandparents tell us that regular hair oiling is a must for healthy hair. This is because it does help in strengthening the hair and may even protect your scalp from external damage.

Apart from this, regular hair oiling also keeps your scalp nourished and hydrated. The hair oil seeps deep into your scalp and strengthens the hair roots which eventually lead to stronger and shinier hair.

To name a few hair oils from our Betty Skincare natural hair oil range, here are the following.

Apricot & Carrot Root Hair Oil is a Strengthening Oil For Weak Dull Dry Thin Hair

Rosemary & Thyme Hair OilPromotes Healthy & Vigorous Hair Growth- Volume boosting. It also stops hair breakage.

Grapeseed & Clove Hair Oil – ideal for Damaged thin oily hair

Sea Buckthorn Hair Oilis a  Deep Root Nourishing Hair Oil

Jojoba & Lavender Hair Oil ideal for Receding hairlines & promotes Regrowth

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