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Discover The Incredible Benefits of Carrots For Your Skin

Discover The Incredible Benefits of Carrots For The Skin The benefits that carrots give us can be taken advantage of by consuming them or applying them in the form of a mask. Do you know all its benefits for health?  The carrot is a vegetable with a good content of nutrients and low in calories. [...]

Why Should You Choose Natural Soap

No matter if you have had a rough day or you have been in the sun or have dry skin. When you come back home, all you need is to get rid of the tiredness and all you want to do is grab a shower and a rugged soap to clean up.   But many […]

Benefits of Natural Skincare at Home

Natural Skincare at home is something that we all have tried to incorporate at a particular point in time. However, we need to apply the right homecare ingredients as using the wrong ingredients can adversely harm your skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body, so healthy skin is tantamount to overall health. […]

Why Rose-Infused Beauty Buys Are Your Skin’s New Best Friend?

For centuries, roses have been a symbol of love. A bouquet of roses along with a heart-shaped box of chocolates has become synonymous with Valentine’s Day, no matter what you think of the holiday. Similarly, the fragrance of roses is hypnotic. Something about it is both calming and sensual. But roses aren’t just pretty. The […]

10 Natural Tips for Winter Skin Care

Stay hydrated. By keeping your body hydrated, your skin will naturally follow suit. If you have a hard time remembering to sip your H2O, learn to make a habit out of it by setting a reminder in your phone or even try something silly—like taking a sip every time you glance at the digital clock […]

Betty Skincare – All-natural, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free brand

Betty’s Skin Care is an all-natural, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free brand which manufactures all Natural skin & hair care products. Betty Nangia, our founder, with experience of over two decades, also loves to advise clients with her wonderful and super effective skin & hair home remedies treatments. As we believe that both go hand in hand. […]

The Importance of Natural Skincare Products

The skin is the largest organ in the body, so healthy skin is tantamount to overall health. This means your skin should be given the utmost care and attention. One way to give it the utmost care is through using non-toxic, natural, organic skincare products. Betty Skincare Natural products are the healthiest and most nurturing […]

Betty’s Face Mask: Are They Good For My Skin?

What is better than amazing makeup? An excellent base for it in terms of your own skin. Of lately, face masks have become increasingly popular.  Why? because they allow targeted skincare and deep action. However, not all the available masks may be the best solution for your skin. And thus, we recommend you to take [...]

How to make the skin glowing in the winter months.

It’s never easy to accomplish the dewy, hydrated, just-got-back-from-a-trip-to-Fiji glow — but it’s next to impossible when you have the cold, winter air working against you. Not only can the cold air and wind themselves strip your skin of any signs of moisture, but artificial heat from your heater can as well. There are several [...]

The Benefits Of Using Betty’s Skin Care Natural Body Oil

Our body resembles a mechanical object which needs to be provided with the necessary nourishment in order to function properly and in perfect alignment with the external environment. Likewise, our body needs persistent activities that provide nourishment from the outside like frequent body messages accompanied by our very own mystic body oils. In order to [...]

Effectiveness of Natural Skincare

We all live bombarded by marketing claims, advertisements, and glorification of youth. Extreme methods to change our faces and bodies are commonplace today, from hair straighteners to skin bleaching to deep skin peels. Over 10,500 unique chemical ingredients are used in personal care products to accomplish the goal of beauty. With an increase in the […]

Importance of Oiling Hair

One of the most ignored practices in our modern hectic lifestyle is hair oiling. While we may still manage to find time for our fitness and nutrition, we often forget about the health of our hair and scalp. This may lead to excess hair fall, premature greying, damaged hair, and other such issues. If these […]

Reasons why saffron should be in your beauty routine

While Saffron is good for colds and coughs, stomach issues, uterine bleeding, insomnia, flatulence, and heart trouble, it is also great for the skin. It is rich in manganese, which regulates blood sugar and in turn, gives you glowing skin. A potent ingredient to add to your diet, you can combine this power spice with […]

The Real Benefits of Coffee

It looks like today’s metropolitan lives are fuelled by coffee. Sure, we love that coffee perks us up to last through the day, and we’ve practically embraced those quaint joints that mark every street corner. However, there are reasons beyond the obvious that show how coffee permeates our lives. While it is scientifically proven that [...]

The Many Benefits of Jasmine Oil for Overall Health.

Essential oils are a popular ingredient in many self-care products, from body oils to skin lotions. In the world of hair care — especially natural hair care — essential oils can offer added benefits to many of the hair products on the market.

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