plan b

Follow Ups

  • Detailed skin consultancy 

  • Diving deeper into individual’s dietary habits and routine 

  • Provide a single entire day plan with meal options

  • 5 options for Detox waters 

  • 5 options for Breakfast 

  • 5 options for Mid-Day

  • Lunch – individual’s choice (corrected, if going wrong) )
  • 5 options for Evening Snack

  • Dinner – individual’s choice (we provide little additions) 
  • Bed Time – Wisdom on “How to end your day”

  • A Beauty Detox Plan after 10 days

Note: Above is a 2 Month Plan 

PS: Since seasons change, food preferences must change too!

Follow Ups

  • First follow up after 3 days to check individual’s comfort level

  • Second follow up after 15 days – Addition of 1 home tip in Ubtans 

  • Third follow up after 30 days – Prescribe next plan/products

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Joining Bonus

You are completely under our guidance for skin products and diet. 

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Note: Registered clients are welcome to ask doubts/queries prior to appointment, only.